The kitchen is clearly one of the most important rooms in the house. Indeed, we can say with certainty that it is the heart of every home. For this reason, the design and furnishing of the latter must never be underestimated. A kitchen must be not only beautiful and welcoming but also comfortable and functional. Despite this, often due to too much haste, which is known, she is always a bad adviser, mistakes are made during the furnishing phase, and in a short time, you find yourself dissatisfied with the final result. Today, we really want to offer you Aleko home improvement products and some useful tips from which to draw inspiration for decorating your kitchen. In addition, we will list a number of mistakes that are best not to be made. You just have to continue scrolling the article to find out more.

Mistakes not to make when furnishing the kitchen

Are you about to furnish your kitchen and are you afraid of making mistakes that you may soon regret, and above all, not easy to remedy? Rest assured, we are going to list the mistakes you absolutely must avoid when furnishing the kitchen with a Cambria countertop. We are sure you cannot go wrong!

Evaluate aesthetics only

It’s okay that the kitchen has to be nice and cozy. But the importance of its functionality must not be overlooked. A kitchen must first of all be comfortable. If not, getting tired quickly won’t be that hard.

Choose colors that are too dark

The color of the walls and kitchen furniture must be chosen with due attention and the right considerations. The choice of colors depends on two fundamental factors, namely: the size of the environment, and the lighting. Therefore, if your kitchen is small enough or not very bright, avoid too dark colors and opt for light and bright colors.

Choose a wrong coating

In addition to colors, it is essential to choose a suitable coating for your kitchen. Don’t rely only on aesthetics, but also on practicality. Therefore, choose carefully the wall covering of your kitchen.

Underestimate the lighting

One of the elements to take into consideration the most is lighting. In fact, the latter performs an essential task, especially in an area of ​​the house such as the kitchen. Our advice is to choose other types of lighting besides the ceiling one, perhaps inserting some under-cabinet spotlights, especially near the sink or the burners.

Choose an unsuitable sink

The sink plays a fundamental role in the kitchen, therefore it must be chosen taking into consideration several factors. In fact, we often find ourselves with small, uncomfortable sinks or made with impractical materials. Our advice is to opt for one large tub rather than two small ones.

Position the hood at the wrong height

The hood also plays a fundamental role in the kitchen, so it is essential to choose the one that best suits your kitchen. Furthermore, it is essential to also take into account the height of the latter. Therefore, avoid placing it at the height of the forehead, if you do not want to cook every time while maintaining an uncomfortable position.

Incorrect positioning of the sink and burners

Another factor to take into consideration when designing and furnishing the kitchen is the right positioning of the sink and burners. Our advice is not to place them too far away, as it could be an uncomfortable and completely wrong choice. At the same time, not too close either. The ideal solution is to leave the right space between them.

Leave too much free space

In an environment like the kitchen, every centimeter is precious. Therefore, try to leave as little space free as possible. Try to make the most of the space you have available.

Prepare a countertop that is too small

Another fundamental element in any kitchen is the countertop. Its importance is often underestimated, and a very small floor is set up, with little space available and therefore a very uncomfortable kitchen. So choose a support surface of the ideal size.

Underestimate the choice of appliances and their positioning

Another fundamental aspect concerns household appliances. Choosing good models, and evaluating the energy class, is very important. In addition, the right placement in the kitchen must also be evaluated. For example, it is essential to place the dishwasher near the sink or stove.

Wrong color matching

You are not thinking of choosing colors like this, at random, without taking into account the final result! Another of the fundamental aspect to consider is the combination of colors since the environment should not be confusing but in harmony.

Insert a few drawers and doors

The space in the kitchen is never enough, especially as regards the conservation of all the utensils, and the organization of the pantry. Therefore, insert as many doors and drawers as possible. So that you won’t have any problems later for lack of space.

Finding the ideal home to live in is not always that simple. Quite often, it feels like the right one, but then you notice something wrong. A fairly common problem in the search for the ideal home is the brightness and solar exposure of the latter. It will have happened to many that they are not completely satisfied with the brightness of their home, and look for solutions to solve the problem. In fact, the brightness of one or more rooms in the house does not depend exclusively on sun exposure, but also on other factors. Today we want to address this topic, and above all offer you very useful advice and original ideas from which to draw inspiration on how to make a home bright.

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