As an interior designer, you are in a unique position to know exactly what prospective home buyers want out of a property. You can take something that looks like rubbish and turn it into a gem of a house that can turn quite a nice profit. This is why it is important to consider the value that you bring to real estate, and it speaks to why you will want to consider becoming an investor. With interest rates at historic lows and a record number of properties entering foreclosure, now is the time to get off the sidelines and into the game. Continue reading to learn more about how interior designers can invest in real estate.

3 Reasons Interior Designers Make Effective Real Estate Investors

While there are many reasons interior designers can make great real estate investors, there are some inherent traits that seem to rise to the top. Looking through some investment guides will help you on this path. As you do so, consider the following three characteristics that interior designers bring to the table right from the beginning.

Add Value to the Home

Through their vast training and experience, interior designers know what features add value to a home. This means removing those heat lamps and also you can take an empty shell of a home that might not be desirable to many people and turn it into something that will sell for much more than you originally paid for it. This also means that interior designers do not waste money in getting a home ready for the market. Since they already know what is needed, they can get right to work, get the job done, and put the home back on the market much more quickly than other types of real estate investors might be capable of.

They Have Connections That Matter

While interior designers may not necessarily be able to do much of the work themselves, they have the connections that they need to make it happen. Because they use a variety of contractors in their own business, it is a natural fit to find the right people to complete the job in a remodeling project. Not only does this save time and money, but it also ensures that the job is done right the first time. This will make it much easier when it comes to flipping the house and earning the desired profit as a real estate investor.

They Know What the Buyer Wants

In order to be successful as a real estate investor, it is also important to know exactly what buyers want today. Interior designers have that feel. They know the colors, items, and specifications that need to be present in a home in order to command the highest price. This knowledge is effective when trying to buy a home that can then be turned around and sold to another individual. Interior designers have an eye for these things and are able to see potential where others might see disaster.


If you are an interior designer looking to make money in real estate, it is important to realize the value that you can bring as an investor, and investing in exteriors like composite decks can also add value. You already have many of the skills necessary to do well in this area of the market, so consider properties around you that you would like to invest in. Use your eye for design to determine how exactly to make money and you will find that you do extremely well in the end.

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