Shopping for the holidays is an event all in itself. Many people see it as part and parcel of the holiday season. And decorating your home and lining up countertops with gifts for the holidays is an absolute art. Holiday home decor can come in so many different forms and you’ll find some amazing home decor ideas if you look well enough.

If you’re running low on inspiration for holiday home decor ideas, here’s a few fresh tips to keep your 2021 Christmas home decor looking classic yet modern. Read on to find out how you can get easy international shipping from the USA to any country for everything on this list!

Our Favorite Holiday Home Decor Ideas

Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite holiday home decor ideas this season. See what suits you best!

Don’t Forget Wall Decor!

There’s so much that you can do with an empty area on the wall to add a little bit of holiday flair. Christmas wall decor with ralph lauren paint and wall art can really give your place a holiday feel.

If you haven’t checked it out, don’t miss the awesome holiday wall decor options at Michael’s. They have everything from wall signs and canvas banners to garlands and wreaths.

Figurines For That Extra Touch

Figurines add such a subtle yet powerful touch to your decor. They’re also an easy holiday decor option because they don’t require hanging or arranging like a lot of the other holiday decor ideas.

Wayfair has a great collection of figurines for your table or mantlepiece. You’ll find Santa figurines, nutcrackers, nativity sets, and even snowmen or angel figurines.

Add A Touch Of Green

Plants can often be overlooked as a holiday decor item during the festive season. The kind of plants you use as decor can really give the holiday feel you’re going for.

Consider using pine, spruce or juniper in your garlands. Another great idea is to use birch twigs, winterberry or pine cones as part of your decor. But you don’t have to use real greens, artificial plants will give the same effect and last all year!

The Tablecloth Is Essential

One easy way to get the Christmas theme going is to swap out your tablecloth for something more merry. Remember: plaid is always fashionable in the holiday season!

Kohl’s has a nice collection of tablecloths – both festive and plaid – that you can check out. You can also look for table runners or placemats to add that Christmas flair.

Outline With Garlands

Adding garlands to your holiday decor is possibly the easiest way to give any room that jovial, Christmas feel. You can add garlands to the banisters on the home stairs, line them up along doors and windows (especially if they’re big!) or even use them as a table runner.

You’ll find a gorgeous variety of garlands at Frontgate this year. They have something to match every color scheme. Consider mixing up the garlands with ribbons or fairy lights for that extra festive touch!

Display Your Winter Mugs

Winter is when the big holiday mugs come out! It’s the season of hot chocolate and coffee, and you need a mug that’s fitting for the holiday season. Display your mugs on a shelf to really give that cozy winter vibe.

Bed Bath & Beyond has some awesome mugs up for sale right now, whether you’re looking for a holiday theme or not. It’s never too late to start your mug collection.

Swap Out Your Welcome Mat

Here’s an easy one! Welcome the new season in style. Give friends, family and guests an immediate, jolly welcome with a special Christmas welcome mat. It’s not only a nice introduction to the rest of the decor that’s about to follow but it takes practically no time at all.

If you’re looking for a good one, Home Depot currently has a great variety of Christmas welcome mats. You’ll find something for every door!

Match The Gift Wrapping

Really particular about the color scheme in your living room? You don’t have to compromise it for the holidays. Get gift wrapping paper that matches the color combination in your room so the Christmas presents act not just as gifts but also as home decor accessories.

Get The Holiday Spirit Anywhere In The World

Christmas is celebrated worldwide, and just because you’re not in the US shouldn’t have to mean you can’t benefit from these awesome holiday ideas. Luckily, in the age of truly borderless shopping, there’s an easy way to shop and ship from the US to your country.

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With that said, these awesome holiday decor items are yours to have no matter where in the world you are.

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