Homes For Sale: The Best North Carolina Neighbourhoods

Boasting a stunning coastline, breathtaking mountain views, and outstanding career opportunities, North Carolina is a popular state to choose to live in. Swimming is culture and history; North Carolina is where many people find their dream homes and has become a top destination for growing families, young professionals, and retirees alike. In our guide, we’ll discuss some of the most sought-after neighborhoods for homebuyers to help you find your dream home in this beautiful and friendly state.

A Great Place To Live

North Carolina is a great place to live; with a thriving business climate which means no need for an air conditioner mostly, gorgeous landscapes, and a low cost of living, it’s the perfect place for people from all walks of life to call home. With 41 state parks, ten national parks, and four national forests, there’s plenty to do if you love the outdoors, no matter which region you settle in. If you prefer city life to nature, North Carolina’s Piedmont region contains five of the state’s largest cities where you can enjoy a modern and more connected lifestyle. If you’re not sure where you would like to settle, check out EZ Home Search for more inspiration for real estate in North Carolina.


With a population of 360,000, Asheville is a breathtaking place to live and is a hotspot for nature lovers. Situated in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is perfect for those who wish to live a more bohemian lifestyle. Having previously won the Beer City, USA title, this city is famous for its breweries and beer due to the mountain waters used in the production.

Asheville is also known as the only city that was able to repay its federal debt from the Great Depression. The financial stability of this city is one of its great benefits as you can find ample work in Asheville. The city focuses on preserving its natural beauty and historic downtown area, which provides many new home buyers the peace of mind that the city will remain a stunning place to live.


Waxhaw is a fast-growing suburb located in Charlotte; with a population of just under 10,000 in 2010, Waxhaw boasts a growth rate of 5.39% annually and now has a population of 19,099 people. Only a few miles from the state’s border with South Carolina, Waxhaw is highly ranked for education and family friendliness. The historic downtown features restored brick buildings with mastercraft doors, many of which have stood since the late 1800s. Widely considered one of the best places to live in North Carolina, Waxhaw is perfect for young couples or growing families.


Morrisville is another town that has often been voted one of the best places to live in North Carolina and also ranks favorably for job availability, public schools, and economic diversity. Boasting plenty of restaurants and shopping, you will have all of the amenities you could desire in this town based in Wake County.


Harrisburg is another community located in Charlotte and is situated on the I-485 Outer Loop. Like all the suburbs we’ll mention in this guide, Harrisburg offers fantastic education, low crime rates, and family friendliness, but Harrisburg adds to this list with great opportunities for income prosperity. Offering lively nightlife venues and outstanding outdoor activities, Harrisburg has something to offer everyone.


Situated just outside of Charlotte, Stallings is perfectly located to offer old-school Southern charm while remaining close enough to the nearest city for easy access to the best attractions and amenities. Stallings is full of culture and entertainment with a thriving performing arts center, mouth-watering food scene, and plenty of museums. This town is perfect for people who want a quiet home life within reach of big city living. Enjoy outdoor movies on summer nights and explore the free annual Stallings Fest that boasts something for everyone to enjoy with live entertainment to local craft booths.


Located in Union County, Marvin is a small community of just over 7,000 people. The cost of living in Marvin is higher than any other place in North Carolina, but you can also expect to earn almost triple the national average wage here. Boasting some of the best schools in North Carolina, Marvin is a fantastic place to raise a family.

Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel is a newer neighborhood in North Carolina and was incorporated as recently as 1998. Situated in Union County, less than ten miles away from Waxhaw, this beautiful rural community can offer all of the restaurants and shopping you would typically expect of a big city. With a high rate of earnings, low crime, and brilliant public schools, Wesley Chapel is an awesome place for families to settle or for young professionals looking to increase their earnings.

Mills River

You will find Mills River in Henderson County, and this quintessential rural community is a long-established productive farming community, so productive, in fact, that the area has been christened ‘fertile crescent’. Mills River is an affordable community to live in with picturesque views to enjoy every day.


Cary is a beautiful place to live and regularly features on many of the best places to live in America lists. This fantastic town is well known as one of the best places to raise a family as well as a great place to retire. Offering a small-town atmosphere with the amenities of a big city, Cary boasts excellent public schools, nightlife, jobs, and outdoor activities. What surprises many people who are interested in moving to Cary is that the town has 36 greenway trails in the area and places high value on green living and cleanliness.

Chapel Hill

Located in the famous Orange Country, Chapel Hill is also part of the ‘Research Triangle’ named for the three top research universities that anchor the metropolitan area in the Piedmont region. Chapel Hill places education at the top of its priority list and is home to the oldest university in America, the University of North Carolina. With access to great outdoor recreation activities such as multiple beaches and the renowned Blue Ridge Mountains, Chapel Hill is the perfect place for those who love nature but want to be closer to the action of bigger cities. Chapel Hill isn’t just for nature lovers, though; it has something for everyone, including an exceptional performing arts and music scene.

Wake Forest

A suburb in Wake County north of the state capital, Wake Forest is a moderately sized town that was the original home of Wake Forest University prior to the relocation to Winston-Salem. Families looking for a safe and diverse neighborhood with access to excellent schools and people with a friendly Southern charm will love Wake Forest.


Known as The City of Oaks, Raleigh is the perfect place for people who can’t live without the bustle of a big city. As the state’s capital, Raleigh is a great place for everyone from young professionals to growing families. Part of the Research Triangle, a trio of cities including Chapel Hill and Durham, which is where you find three of the best universities in the country. Boasting endless entertainment options with plenty of outdoor attractions and a thriving nightlife, Raleigh has something for even the fussiest of people.


With top-notch schools, a wonderful community spirit, and a charming downtown, Apex has a quality of life that is second to none due to the high-paying jobs available in the technology industry. The community in Apex is known for coming together for every event the town hosts, which includes the weekly farmers market and the renowned annual Jazz festival.

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