There is no denying the fact that a bathroom is a key room in any home or any residential building. It not only serves as a place for people to perform personal hygiene activities but also a place to de-stress.

Apart from their multipurpose use, bathrooms even play an important role in determining a home’s overall value. When people buy new homes, one of the key considerations they look at is aesthetically and well-designed functional bathrooms. A home that has a well–designed bathroom can fetch a seller a decent amount of money. To add the aesthetic feel to it, a bathtub does the job.

Who doesn’t want to de-stress from a grinding day of work by soaking in a bathtub? Everybody loves to do that. There is nothing more relaxing than having a glass of wine while enjoying the bubble froth water in a bathtub. Besides the health benefits, a bathtub can also add a little flair to the bathroom. It can give a fresh look and totally transform the bathroom. But for that to happen, picking the right bathtub is critical.

There are a decent number of bathtub designs available on the market such as Standard And Shower bathtubs, Alcove baths, fancy doors, Corner Baths, and more. But one that stands out is the Freestanding bathtub.

What Is A Freestanding Bathtub?

A freestanding bathtub sometimes called a stand-alone tub is a bathtub that can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. Unlike built-in bathtubs installed against the bathroom walls, a freestanding tub can be placed close to the walls or any open place. For a better understanding of how the bathtub looks, here is a website that features a collection of different colored and varieties of freestanding bathtubs. In addition to this, the site also provides useful information about the same.

With a brief introduction, here is how a freestanding bathtub adds aesthetics to a bathroom.

How Does A Freestanding Bathtub Add Aesthetics To A Bathroom?

It adds aesthetics to a bathroom by offering a distinct look to the bathroom. Unlike other tubs, this tub can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. Because of this, it becomes the center of attraction. When family or friends walk into the bathroom, the tub certainly catches their attention. This is something they may not have seen in most bathrooms because most homes have their bathtubs attached to the walls. But with a freestanding tub, it can be placed at the center of the bathroom, or at any corner. This flexibility gives a unique touch to the bathroom.

Apart from offering flexibility, it also allows homeowners to boast of their extravagant interiors. Homeowners with scintillating marble flooring in their bathrooms will benefit from freestanding bathtubs. Built-in bathtubs are attached to the walls and are grounded to the floor eventually shadowing the tiles. But a freestanding tub is raised off the floor allowing the floor to boast its beauty.

Homeowners who want to spice up their bathroom look with a vintage theme can do so by adding a freestanding bathtub. Adding it to the bathroom will certainly take people back to the olden days. Homeowners can create their own private Zen garden in their bathrooms. A zen garden is a place where Japanese monks used to meditate to de-stress in the 15th century. There are tubs that are similar to Japanese tubs which fit perfectly for creating a zen garden vibe. Plus, the inclusion of pebble rocks surrounding the tub and a few plants is all that is required to create that vibe. This will be an ideal spot to relax and unwind from the daily stress of life.

If the bathroom offers stunning views to experience, experiencing it will be worthwhile if watched from a freestanding bathtub. Some tubs come with supporting foot rods which keep the tub at an appropriate height allowing people to experience stunning views. Soaking in the bathtub while enjoying a glass of wine and watching the exhilarating view is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Not to forget the tub comes in different colors and in different styles. Based on the interior decor of the bathroom, one can certainly find the style and the color that matches the interiors. This eventually gives a consistent look throughout the bathroom.

To Sum Up

A bathroom is a key feature of any household. It can be used for multiple purposes from relaxing to performing personal hygienic activities. It is not limited to only this, when well-designed, it adds value to a home. While there are many features involved in boosting the aesthetics of a bathroom, adding a bathtub maximizes the beauty of the place. A freestanding bathtub does exactly that. Its vibrant colors, modern and vintage styles, and the flexibility to place anywhere give life to a bathroom.

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