As the saying goes, the future bestows the realms of the present, the future is largely shaped by our present habits and thanks to our influential leaders that sustainable development is booming shaping consumer habits realistically. Brands are not only reframing their structures of performance but also reshaping their values and ideals to improve their portfolios and incorporate the habits to design a greener future within the cabinets and around them.

With that view in mind a leading organization Ultrafabrics is committed to the goal of building their framework to incorporate materials that are recycled or renewable as soon as by 2030. With clear and measurable goals Ultrafabrics are seeking a shift towards a mindset that combines advanced technology with sustainability and style to bring its audience to the new chapter of evolution.

Sustainable progression with the creation of Atago

To bring about their new journey, Ultrafabrics has begun to lead forward with its aircraft upholstery showcasing its high-end performance and animal free fabric by partnering up with Tapis corporation and Franklin products to create a sustainable fabric known as Atago which will be launching in Hamburg at the aircraft interiors expo on 14-16th June 2022.

Named after the Atago shrine in Tokyo which was erected in 1603 for the protection of residents from fire, Atago fabric solution is designed as a tribute to it, with the cooperation of a fire blocking black cloth for the advanced protection from fire.

High efficiency without any sacrifice to the comfort or design like Ashley furniture, Atago is made to lighten up the load of the passengers by up to 1 pound. Providing no sacrifice with comfort and design Ultrafabrics have set up the mark high with their superior range of upholstery without any lack of design, comfort and compatibility.

With lower cost and the streamlined supply chain you do not have to worry about buying dress covers, cushion and other material all separately to reduce the time of assembling individual parts let alone the reduction in time for manufacturing. Another factor to be noted is that the Ultrafabrics are well accommodated with the fire blocking fabric which further reduces the fuel consumption and also emits the discomfort of the passengers by getting rid of the rigid fire blockers.

Ultrafabrics Aviation Upholstery

With a long catalog of premium class, animal-free material with exceptionally advanced focus for the passenger comfort it goes without saying that Ultrafabrics are the experts in the aircraft upholstery industry. UF Select that was launched in 2021 was an indicating point of their expert craftsmanship that variably displayed the authentic colors, textures and high performance. Their passion comes a long way with their escalating success that came from the Japanese mill with undisputed Takumi (or artisan) technology that laid the foundation of Ultrafabrics empire.

With widespread increase in travel and tourism, the demands of comfort are on the rise. These demands come to fruition with Ultrafabrics not only sizable but easy to carry lightweight materials to meet the expectations of full comfort and convenience of the passengers.

Effectively made with adhesives, entanglement or lamination, the premium material stands still against the harsh cleaners. Highly adaptive material owes to any climate or temperature change without making any compromises to the comfort of the passengers.

Ultrafabrics are true experts as they keep their values customer oriented to bring them the highest comfort by ensuring the non-allergenic and odorless material with added flame retardant that does not wash away.

Ultrafabrics continues to provide their best in class fabric solution to more than 50 airlines around the world. Future beholds a lot for this groundbreaking brand with a growing client list spanning across many industries from residential to upholstery for countless vehicles.

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