Times are changing, and so is the painting industry. Gone are the days when paints were not so economical and accessible. Currently, paint companies invest in creating innovative and state-of-the-art products to bring the industry even further. With technology constantly evolving, it now affects how we do work, particularly how we paint.

Do you know the latest advancements when it comes to painting homes? If not, this blog post is for you. We list down four ways in which technology is changing the way we paint our homes. Read on to know more about these innovations.

1. Paint Color Apps

One of the many good products of technology that’s useful when painting is paint color apps. These let you use your camera or upload images of your room so you can try on paint colors before buying them. It gives you a sense of which color and shade perfectly match your neighborhood or your interior.

Paint color apps let you experiment with swatches, but some go beyond paints. Some paint visualizers also allow you to see wallpaper and tile options, while others help you try on different wood stains to see how they will look on your project. These apps usually use augmented reality technology.

So, do you want to test out paint colors without going to the store or trying with your old paintbrush? Whether you’re a painter who wants the most accurate at-home look, a tech-savvy redecorator or someone who simply wants to explore specific color palette options, you’ll find paint color apps definitely useful.

2. Drones

Drones that paint? This changes the game of paint application! Now, you don’t have to worry about falling off the ladder while painting. A drone can do that for you and much better than you do.

To spray paint in home décor is easy, but doing it at heights is quite challenging. This is where computer-controlled drones become ideal. Drones can apply a good quality coating consistently while preventing injuries, accidents, and even deaths that may occur. Using drones also helps avoid the risk of inhaling toxic chemicals. These reduce the risk for human painters. Also, the application time gets reduced, as well as the waste that goes to the environment.

What’s more, drones can gather data regarding the project, including the relative humidity, ambient temperature, the temperature of the surface being measured and more.

3. Self-Cleaning Paints

If you’re dreaming about paint that can repel dirt, then this is what you need. This is the future self-cleaning paints. But how do these work?

Self-cleaning paints create a waterproof barrier. When water or any moisture droplets hit the coated surface, the water acts like a vacuum. It runs down the surface and picks up dirt and dust particles, even bacteria and viruses.

The oxidative properties in self-cleaning paints are another mechanism by how these paints work. When exposed to an ultraviolet light source, these paints decompose any organic substances with such properties. The patented self-cleaning paint consists of titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

4. Washable Paints

This next technological advancement makes it easy to keep the optimum condition of the walls. Washable paints are emulsions with special types of cross-linking pigments and fine pigments that offer high washability. This type of emulsion can be scrubbed or wiped to get rid of marks without damaging the painting job and maintain the new look for years. It keeps the walls and ceilings in great condition without repainting them over and over again.

Washable paints are ideal for homes with kids and pets who make the walls their coloring canvas, as well as for areas with high foot traffic and that need regular repainting.

If you’re thinking of giving your home a new coat, then these innovations are something you should consider. While you may not commonly see them now, they may become a thing of the future. There will be a lot of them on the market. What a great time to be alive!

Jacob Wang

Jacob Wang earned his Master’s in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, focusing his 20-year career on paint formulation and environmental sustainability. Since joining our website in 2021, Jacob has provided insights into eco-friendly paints, surface preparation, and trend forecasting. His background includes roles in paint manufacturing and as a consultant for renovation projects. In his free time, Jacob is an avid gardener and a volunteer in community beautification programs.

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