The robbery rate in the US increases each year. This results in billions of lost belongings that need immediate action. Hence, one of the best solutions to prevent losing any property is by installing a CCTV system. It will hold footage evidence that you can use to catch the intruders and prevent any crimes.

This article will show the different features of quality CCTVs that you should know before buying. Keep on reading to see the various types of surveillance cameras for your needs.

Two Kinds of CCTV System

There are differences between an indoor and outdoor camera that you must keep in mind in choosing among the types of CCTVs. Indoor cameras can be subject to weather damage due to the lack of IP protection that is present on exterior cameras. They also differ in the viewing angle, on which outdoor cameras have a night vision with a broader viewing angle.

1. Analog Cameras

The first type of camera works with a monitor or DVR to provide household real-time footage. It is also affordable and very common in the market. It stores images and videos on a hard drive or can be streamed digitally.

Other features of analog cameras include motion alarms and scheduled surveillance. The DVR will also send notifications to the household when a motion or object is detected.

2. IP Cameras

This camera requires an internet connection to enjoy its full features. It is more expensive compared to analog cameras due to its high resolution that can capture clearer images. If you own smart devices, IP cameras are a good choice to stream footage on your devices. It has a built-in DVR for viewing purposes and also an SD card slot for storage.

How Do CCTV Cameras Work?

CCTV cameras are an effective tool for defense against intruders or any kind of danger. It works for both commercial and residential uses. Such cameras also benefit households in receiving packages wherein there is no need to meet the delivery man face-to-face for better safety.

The system consists of a camera, connection wires, and a monitor. It is easy to install any type of CCTV camera with the help of professionals. The installation process depends on a lot of factors, such as the location. It could be positioned in the driveway, entryway, or anywhere that you think is prone to theft like your Mastercraft boat or any other expensive appliance.

Features to Consider When Looking for a CCTV System

Buying a surveillance camera is vital for everyone’s security. Here is a list of features you should be looking for when eyeing a CCTV system:

Type of Installation

Security cameras are either wired or wireless. Wired cameras eliminate the need for batteries, thus will deliver extended surveillance for every household. Therefore, it won’t limit your access to higher-resolution footage. The downside of wired cameras is they are less durable against harsh weather. In addition to that, the market offers limited electrical outlets for such types of cameras.

On the other hand, wireless cameras are more portable but pricier than the first type. You need to purchase batteries now and then.


Hidden cameras are much better than dome cameras in detecting criminals. You may place the camera behind custom frames or other items to keep it away from the criminal’s sight. It is unlike bullet cameras that are easy to recognize and also have limited viewing angles. Thus, it is essential to buy a camera that is discreet but can deliver clear and crisp images.


Since most surveillance cameras are installed outside, the equipment must be extra sturdy against bad weather. Moreover, it is also subject to vandalism and unwanted objects, such as insects and other animals.

Camera Lens

Homeowners can choose between wide-angle cameras and PTZ cameras. The prior option is highly recommended for larger areas, like a backyard. It can cover not more than 40-feet at high resolution. It is very ideal for residential and commercial use.

PTZ or point, tilt, and zoom cameras will provide the best possible footage at different angles. It often comes with a remote to control its lens in various directions. Compared to wide-angle cameras, this can cover beyond a 40-feet distance.


It is undeniably easier to detect intruders with colored cameras. It is unlike black and white cameras that can only deliver low image quality though they are cheaper. If you desire to enhance your home security, better invest in more advanced cameras.

Night Vision

Intruders often attack a home at night to reduce the chance of getting caught. Your remedy would be purchasing a camera with a night vision feature. It can capture unwanted motions even in low-light conditions as enough evidence for the crime. Consider buying infrared cameras for an enhanced night vision feature. In contrast, some cameras are built with day and night vision to capture images and videos at any amount of light.

Best Recommended CCTV Specialists For Your Budget

Casa Security aims to improve safety for both commercial and residential homes by means of surveillance cameras. They are aware of the most common crimes nowadays, such as burglary and property loss. The company is composed of experts that can provide the right security cameras for your needs and budget. Such security solutions guarantee to deter intruders who are planning to enter your premises.

The staff is accessible 24/7 and you can contact them for your CCTV installation needs. By then, your household’s safety is certain despite the increasing number of crimes.

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