If you live in a house with an attic, or live in an apartment with access to the top storey of the building, you can create a beautiful attic lounge-cum-dining area. You need only add skylights, plants, and comfortable chairs to make your place inviting, and a venue where you can stargaze and hold candlelit dinners.

Feel inspired? Read out article to find out more about how to create a tranquil, harmonious space both for entertaining and for intimate moments.

Light, Light and More Light

You want to create as much light as possible in your space. You can always add sun shielding dark filters to the glass if you wish to block out the harshest of rays during the day. But natural light will add freshness and candour to a room.

Depending on whether you have access to an outer deck in an apartment building, or whether you create an outer deck from the roof, you can add large windows or skylights. This will make your room reflect what it means to be outdoors.


In a room that you want to make as natural as possible, you want a really good flow of air. Having doors or skylights on opposite sides of the room or skylights which allow good airflow will give you this opportunity. This will be an advantage to you, your pets, and your plants.

Conservatory-style Plants

When you have a space where you have a lot of light and air, you have the opportunity to make and add items that will recreate nature right there on the countertop. Adding many plants and trees in pots at a variety of levels will add interest, and give you a lot of your much-needed oxygen during the day. Not only that, but it can add a sense of playfulness and fun. Some people have created jungle-like areas to enjoy. Just ensure your balcony can take the weight of the pots, sand and plants, and shore it up if you need to.

They actually need to be in place before most other items in the room, so you can plan and shape the room to match them, rather than the other way around.

Couches and Divans

Your couches need to be comfortable, and not too formal. Not only do you want your guests to relax when they’re with you in this sort of environment, but you want to have to opportunity of leaning back and gazing at the stars with your family. Divans are ideal for this, because they already have a section that leans back.

Divans are the ideal place to read a book or do some drawing. Or you can create a boxed window-seat, where people can spend some comfortable alone time.

These items are best left as soft neutrals or pastels. In this kind of room, you wouldn’t want colours that are too strong. The light needs to be the strongest element in the room during the daytime, and the dark the strongest element at night.

If you want to dine, add tables in the middle. Don’t go for formal dining areas. Let it remain a place where people feel free to recline and eat.


These sections of the room can be panelled into a variety of patterns. You can add wooden strips, stones, brick, or trellises. You could paint the walls with stencils of leaves or flowers, or you could simply add texture with wall strips of 3D patterns. Use your imagination, but be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want your room to overwhelm.

Décor and Art

Your décor and art com posters need to focus on the natural. You could, for instance, have a large wooden sculpture of a hippo. Or a koala. It could also be a twisted scrap of wood left over from a shipwreck.

What you don’t want to do is have detailed paintings, or loud, colourful art that spoil the natural look of the room. Instead, it needs to be understated. Let nature be your art in this type of room.

Coffee/Tea Area

You’ll want a drinks area. You could either let that be a bar, or you could create a small space with a kettle, fridge, cups and tea or coffee. You don’t want to have to interrupt your time stargazing by having to fetch something downstairs. Rather have refreshments and snacks available right where you need them.

Outdoor-Bath/Jacuzzi Area

One of the delights of an attic/top floor space is that you can add a jacuzzi or outdoor bath on a deck or indoors. It’s here where you can lie back in a froth of bubbles, lit by candles on the sides, and watch the twinkling velvet sky above.


There is a lot of romance associated with a lounge or dining area in the attic. There are so many ways to add tranquillity, harmony and romance to your room. Just start with nature, and see where your imagination leads you. Now, go and enjoy a hot tub under the stars!

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