Over the past year, more of us have been spending increased amounts of time at home. With home working doubling since March 2020, many of us have come to realise that our current home space isn’t working for us anymore. From cramped rooms to poor storage – it’s no surprise that many families have decided to move to the countryside in the race for space.

If moving to somewhere rural isn’t an option, then there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of what you already have. To help you get the most out of your home, we’ve put together some top tops to maximise your space.


Bedrooms can sometimes be poky, so fitting in valuable storage can be a tall order. If you want to maximise the space you have, you should consider some alternative storage solutions. From putting additional storage in your headboard, adding cabinets above eye level, to hanging up your laundry basket – some small changes can make a big difference to your room.

Living rooms

If embracing your small living room and creating a cosy living space isn’t quite what you’re after, then there are some ways you can make your lounge feel bigger.

One way to create space is through your choice of furniture. One way to maximise space is to choose key pieces in similar colors to the walls from ralph lauren. This way, your furniture won’t dominate the space.

However, a word of caution: be careful not to go overboard with the furniture. If you have a small space, coffee tables are often best omitted from your design as they can create a tripping hazard and make the room feel smaller.


Many of us have been cooking more since lockdown began, with more than a fifth of us now cooking every meal from scratch, compared to just one in eight before the lockdown.

And as we’ve been utilising our kitchens more than ever before, many of us have come to realise how little storage or preparation space we have.

Luckily, there are some ways you can make your space work harder for you and your family.

Stephen Lynskey, Head Designer at Hammonds Kitchens, recommends using every inch of space that you have.

“Here at Hammonds, we want to make your kitchen look and perform at its very best and part of that process is using every little bit of space perfectly. So, whether it’s having a secret condiment pull out, an extra deep cupboard or a storage unit from the ceiling to the floor, getting that perfect balance of space and storage is crucial.”

You can also make small design changes that have a big impact. For example, by opting for draws over cupboards, utilising wall space and utilising corners, you too can make the most of a cosy kitchen.


Bathrooms have a surprising number of things to fit in them. From toiletries, to make up, to even cleaning products. So having the right storage is essential in any modern family bathroom.

If you’re not blessed with a hotel-sized bathroom, then luckily there are some small tweaks you can make to make it feel bigger.

Firstly, choose light wall colours to make the space feel bright and airy and use mirrors to your advantage to reflect light and create the illusion of space.

Secondly, a great way to add some much-needed storage to any bathroom is to install a pedestal or floating sink. That way, you can keep the floor clear of storage baskets and keep everything you need at arm’s length.

In conclusion

Whilst moving to a bigger house isn’t on the cards for many of us, the good news is that you don’t have to move house to create the feeling of space. By making some small changes and maximizing the space you already have, you can make your home appear bigger and better suited to busy family life.

Jackson Martin

Jackson Martin, holding a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas, has been a prominent figure in the home improvement sector for over 18 years. He joined our team in 2020, sharing his expertise in renovation techniques, sustainable building practices, and DIY projects. Jackson's previous experience includes working in residential construction management and as a home renovation consultant. He is an advocate for energy-efficient homes and enjoys participating in local marathon events.

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