The design options for modern houses and apartments are varied, and even the choice of upholstered Ashley furniture is no longer limited by the framework of traditional frame models. One of the most interesting design features is the soft and cozy pear chair. A stylish and extraordinarily comfortable seating area appears wherever you drop it.

A frameless armchair is upholstered furniture, which is a cover with a filler. There are no rigid elements here. Initially, materials at hand were used for stuffing – from paper to beans.

Today the main filler is polystyrene granules. Sometimes synthetic fluff or foam crumbs are added, which make the furniture softer.

Products are presented in a wide variety of shapes and colors, so it is not difficult to choose a model suitable for the interior. A beanbag chair, a pear, a ball, a sunbed, a large toy – there are options for any room with any design. If you stock up on removable covers, the furniture design and, accordingly, the interior can be changed whenever you want.

Frameless bean bag chair: pros and cons

Exceptional Convenience

Filling – balls of expanded polystyrene – easily move inside the cover, so the chair easily adjusts to the contours of the person sitting. Take any comfortable position – there will be no gaps between your body and furniture.

A high beanbag chair provides good back support, relieves the load on the spine, and it is more convenient to get up from it than from pear models. This property is especially true for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Complete Security

An upholstered beanbag chair does not have rigid elements and sharp corners, so it is perfect for a child’s room. Kids especially love such furniture, because you can jump and tumble on it to your heart’s content. In addition, polystyrene is environmentally friendly – even dishes are made from it. When choosing, pay attention to the size: large models like Ambient Lounge sofa bean bags are perfect for active children and adolescents.

High Functionality

Frameless chairs are very mobile, as they are lightweight (from 3 to 9 kg): even a large lounger can be easily moved around the house. For convenience, many models have a loop handle. It is easy to care for the furniture.

As a rule, the upper fabric cover is removable: if necessary, it can be removed and washed. A beanbag chair made of eco-leather or genuine leather is even more practical: the cover does not allow moisture to pass through, and stains are easily washed off.

As you can see, frameless furniture is full of virtues. Someone also finds disadvantages – for example, wear of the cover from contact with the floor and the need to periodically fill up the filler, which shrinks over time. So that these problems do not affect you, give up furniture from handicraft workshops.

Well-known manufacturers use durable wear-resistant materials, monitor the quality of the seams, and provide a guarantee. The optimal filler is double-foamed polystyrene granules: homogeneous small balls (2-3 mm) give minimal shrinkage.

What to Look for When Choosing?

Outer Cover Fabric

When choosing a beanbag chair, you need to decide on the type of fabric. Practical and inexpensive is suitable if there are small children in the house or if you buy a bean bag chair for a summer cottage. The colors are bright just like your ralph lauren paint, which will delight any child, children love to play on bean bags.

Inner Cover

Pay attention to the presence of the inner cover. Of course, once you will need to wash the outer cover. It will be convenient to move the inner cover, rather than pouring all the contents (as the sellers suggest) into a bathtub or bag, and then filling everything back. In any case, some of it will fly around the apartment.

Moreover, it is not recommended to wash in the washing machine, as it can break down. it will not be possible to completely pour out all the polystyrene balls and some will remain inside. When washing, they will clog the washing machine.


The zipper of the outer cover must be at least 100 cm. If it is short, you will experience inconvenience removing the cover. You may even need to sprinkle some of the filler to avoid damaging the zipper. With the large zipper, you can easily refill the bean bag without removing everything from the inside.


In addition to the visual appeal of the beanbag chair, convenience is also important. A plus is the presence of a handle in order to carry the beanbag chair.

When a beanbag chair becomes the family’s favorite, a battle begins for its possession – the head of the family wants to sprawl in it in front of the TV in the hall, then the child takes him to the children’s room to build a garage for all the cars or a feast for his favorite dolls. Despite the lightweight of the chair, it is still quite voluminous, so the handle will come in handy.


Only primary expanded polystyrene granules should be used as filler for frameless furniture. In industry, they are the raw material for the production of foam. Some manufacturers use foam crumbs as a filler to save money. This is a used foam, which is crushed, and the structure of the granules themselves is disrupted.

And also some part is crushed to a state of dust, which is dangerous when using such furniture. After all, a beanbag chair breathes when you sit down in it, and, accordingly, part of this dust will be thrown into the air and get into the lungs.


There are adult, child, and teen sizes. Also, if you want a giant bean bag chair, some manufacturers can use their individual sizes. But still, the standard size is a bag chair with a diameter of 90cm and a height of 130cm (when raised), a seat height of 40-50cm. This is the most optimal and versatile size. An adult will sit comfortably in such a chair, and a child of this size will give more opportunities for games and experiments than a baby beanbag chair. Taking into account our experience, children love adult chairs more than children’s ones, because there is no field for activity in a children’s bag chair, there is only an opportunity to sit, but where did you see the child obediently sitting?

Repair kit

The standard situation for frameless furniture is shrinkage. For this, you need a filler. As a rule, manufacturers of bean bags offer to fill for filling – the so-called repair kit for bean bags. Such repair kits are packaged with the volume necessary to restore the shape of a beanbag chair. When a beanbag chair is reduced by an average of one-third, it becomes not very comfortable in it.

With the volume of the beanbag chair itself being 300-350 liters, 100 liters of topping will be enough. Pay attention to the quality of the filling filler. The balls should have been new, lightweight, even – these are expanded polystyrene granules, and not recycled – this is already a crumb of foam.

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