Black wallpaper, anyone? For most people, black is a no-go zone, and they are okay with going with the same old wallpapers that have been there since time immemorial. But why not give black wallpaper a chance to show what it can do for your home? Does this sound like something you would like to do?

Why Black Wallpaper?

Black is not your ordinary wallpaper color. But times have changed. Going for simple patterns and floral prints no longer cut it. Instead, if you want a room to stand out, you must go the extra mile. What’s more extra than going with black wallpaper?

It’s Functional

Think about it this way. Wallpaper might be easy to clean and maintain, but that does not do away with the fact that it requires your time. Black wallpaper is quite different in that it does not show dirt or dust. Hanging this wallpaper allows you to maintain shiny surfaces all year round. Plus, when going for a luxurious look, it does not help if your wallpaper does not look clean. Want to make your wallpaper even more practical? Choose peelable wallpaper which you can install and remove within minutes! You can paste them on the deck to make it ready for the party.

It’s Relevant

Ever walked into a house and felt like you were no longer living in the modern world? Or have you seen modern designs that were so last year and yet were still gracing someone’s home? That’s the thing with black wallpaper- it will never go out of style! Regardless of the décor in the home, you cannot go wrong with black removable wallpaper. So, when everyone else is busy rushing to the store, frantic about updating their outdated wallpapers, you can sit home, sip on a drink and know you made the right bet.

How Can you Use Black Wallpaper?

The goal, in this case, is to ooze luxury, which should come easily once you have chosen the right wallpaper- black!

Go, Black and White

This classic look does not go out of style either and is often regarded as the monochrome look among interior designers. It adds a touch of style to any space, and you hardly need to think about placement or size when going for this look. You will be right on track whether you want to go with big patterns or stick to small and subtle shapes.

What are your options in this case? You can get an all-black wallpaper and complement it with an all-white wallpaper, creating a layering effect. If this feels like a lot of brainwork, why not get a patterned wallpaper? It will feature both hues and take the guesswork out of the equation.

Embrace Black with a Touch of Hue

For some people, an all-black wallpaper might feel a bit too dramatic for their liking. So, if you want to bring in some more color and brighten up the room, here’s an idea you might like. Start by using black wallpaper on the main wall and have another one on the opposite wall. Then add bright wallpaper or maybe some shades from benjamin moore paint between the two walls. It could be any color you like because black pretty much complements every other hue. For example, you can have white between the walls or add a splash of pink, orange, green, or any other color that helps you create a balance.

Of course, to offset the dramatic effect created by the black wallpaper, you will need to do more than add bright wallpaper. How about bringing in some colorful accessories? Think photo frames, cushions, stools, desks, and other items that can add to the color. This contrast will impart an exciting, luxurious touch to the room. Here’s a décor tip- rather than update your wallpaper when you want a change, how about changing the accessories?

Mix & Match with the Furniture

Accessories are a great way to complement wallpaper and create visual interest. However, they are sometimes not enough to offset the effect of wallpaper, especially in smaller rooms. In this case, you need to bring out the big guns- the furniture! Say, for example, you have used black wallpaper in your bedroom and have covered two main walls. How can you complement the wallpaper without making the room feel closed? By including the bedframes, bedside tables, closets, and even chairs! Create a visually appealing contrast by choosing much brighter colors for the furniture and bedspread. It creates a balance and avoids the gloom that can befall a room with too many dark hues. How does that sound? If going bright does not cut it for you, how about including some greys? They pair well with the back and ensure that the luxurious touch does not go out the window.

Add a Feminine Touch

Black wallpaper, while adding luxury to any room, also imparts a touch of masculinity. For some people, this may be a bit overwhelming. So, if you want to add a bit of softness to the design, here’s what you can do- use feminine hues and accessories. Take your living room as an example. If you have black wallpaper on the walls, you can complement this with a few pale pink throw pillows or sofas. Or you could add some floral prints in the space. Examples include on the rugs, desks, cabinets, or any other space that jumps at you. Also, consider the shapes of the furniture. Sharp edges add to the masculine effect. You may want to go for more curves and create a flow in the room, doing away with the sharp angles. But if you want the more masculine effect, feel free to disregard the contrast and go all-in with the angular lines.

Include Some Patterns

Are you concerned that the room may feel too gloomy? If adding more hues does not feel like the best step, how about inviting some patterns to the space? For example, geometrical wallpaper adds another layer of interest to a space. People hardly notice the black hue and instead focus on the beauty of the patterns. The same goes for stripes, florals, polka dots, and any other design you can include in the house. It does not have to be a contrasting color. Even black on black patterns will work the magic.

Any ideas on how you will implement any of these ideas in your home?

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