The living room is usually the first room you encounter when you enter a home. It gives a person a sneak peek of the entire house’s theme and decor. Despite being regularly maintained, the drawing-room can become incredibly dirty.

This is because the living room is one of the areas in a house that has high traffic. We welcome guests into this room and spend quality time with our loved ones, especially during game nights. Due to the daily activities, dust and dirt get built up.

Thoroughly cleaning the room once in a while keeps allergies and other issues at bay. It also makes your home nice and cozy. This article will discuss useful tips to make your parlor spic and span effortlessly.

Get Everything You Need

Get all the cleaning essentials you need. From feather dusters to auto carpet shampooers, stock up on all the cleaning items. The following is a list of what you need for an intense clean up:

  • Feather duster
  • Clean clothes to wipe the dirt and dust on surfaces
  • A vacuum cleaner with various attachments
  • Bucket
  • Sponges
  • Cleaning solutions and detergents
  • Upholstery and carpet shampoo machines (optional)

Clear Out the Clutter

Before you start to clean, clear out the clutter in the living room. If you have items that do not belong in the lounge area, put them back into the room or shelves they are supposed to be in. Get rid of all objects that have not been used for over a year.

Scan the entire room and look for things that have no use anymore. The magazines, old letters, and junk mail you haven’t touched for ages have probably collected copious amounts of dust. Toss out these things. If your shelf is overflowing with many books, you can donate some of them.

Decluttering will also create more space and motivate you to initiate the seasonal deep clean.

Curtains and Walls

Take down the curtains and wall adornments like paintings. Chuck the drapes in a basket to be washed later. Carefully stack the wall art and other various decor accessories on one side. You can wipe and clean the framed art pieces later.

When you remove these, the dust collected on them will settle on the already dirty couches and other furniture. It is best to remove the curtains before starting to clean the room.

No one wants to see their strenuous efforts go to vain when the dirt and grime fall onto the clean surfaces.

Time to Dust

Start from top to bottom when it comes to dusting. It is quite annoying and mortifying when the fan is murky with the accumulated dust and grime. Start dusting from the fans, corners of the ceilings, windows, and doors.

Do not forget the shelves, TV stand, and couches. It is best to use vacuum cleaners when it comes to removing dust from furniture like sofas. You can use handheld compact vacuum cleaners to clean the hard-to-reach nook and crannies.

Before cleaning the shelves, take down the objects on them. Clean the objects before you put them back in their original position. For instance, if you are cleaning a bookshelf, remove all the books then clean the racks. After you are done with the rack, wipe each book with a cloth and put them back on the shelf.

Window sills are often overlooked. These areas collect a hefty amount of dust. With a feather duster or wiping with an old rag, make the area free of dust. You can repurpose an old t-shirt to wipe off various surfaces. You do not necessarily have to take down the screens and blinds. You can simply get rid of the dust by using a vacuum cleaner.

Ensure that you have unplugged all the electronics such as the TV, sound system, and lamps prior to their cleaning. Clean the lampshades and other decorative accessories with a vacuum attachment or simply wiping with a cloth. After you have dusted off everything, vacuum the flooring and carpets.

Keep vacuuming the floor for last as all the dust will settle on them. To avoid making the floor muddy when you start mopping, it is best to remove the dust beforehand.

Cleaning Time

Wipe the blades of the fan with a wet cloth after you have removed the dust. You can use a mop with a long handle to reach the blades. However, it is best to use a step ladder to reach the fan and clean it properly. Make sure that the cleaning solution you use can break down the built-up grease properly.

It is essential to wash the windows. If you do not have enough time or energy to rinse them, you can wipe them with a glass cleaning solution. Ensure that you have cleaned both the inside and outside of the window. Use a soft material like cotton or microfiber to rub the surfaces.

To avoid the unsightly streaks, wipe the window in one direction on the inside and another side on the outside. This will make it easier to spot any smudges and fix them. Remove the grimy slipcovers to wash them. Rugs and upholstery covers are more prone to be soiled when you have pets.

Use a lint roller across the couch surfaces to remove pet hair. To clean the soiled carpets and couches, you can use an upholstery attachment of a carpet shampoo machine, if you own any. Alternatively, you can use gentle spot cleansers to erase the stains. Do a test patch before you apply the spot remover.

If your carpets and flooring are dirty beyond your capabilities to clean them, it is ideal to call the experts. You can opt for professional cleaning services to regain your carpet’s original look. As a less expensive alternative, you can rent a heavy-duty cleaning machine with upholstery settings.

Washing the Drapes

It is crucial to let your drapes and covers soak. You can soak them in a tub or a bucket filled with water. Then add detergent to wash them. If any of the materials have spots on them, gently scrub them by hand. Rinse the covers thoroughly and ensure no soap or foam is left behind.

Dry them off in the dryers; if possible, air-dry them in the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will kill the germs. It will also ward off any bugs or mites. You do not necessarily have to iron the curtains; just fluffing them in the dryer is enough. Hang the clean drapes onto the windows once they have dried.

Cleaning the Framed Pieces

It is important to clean the framed wall decor. The cleaning of these items should be done with care to avoid scratches and other forms of damage. Use a damp microfiber cloth to rub off the stains and dirt. Make sure that you have cleaned both surfaces of the frames.

Avoid spraying water or cleaning liquid directly onto the glass. This reduces the risk of ruining the artwork or photograph in the frame. If the solution is sprayed straight on the glass, it can seep into the corners and damage the framed piece.

On the Floors

When you are about to mop the room, keep your family members and pets away. Besides making a mess, stepping on the wet floor is also a hazard. Mop the floor with the appropriate cleaning tools and solutions. Move out the furniture to clean the space under them.

Use the small attachment specialized for reaching the crevices to remove the dirt in baseboards and corners. If you have a stubborn stain, pour the detergent solution on it and let it sit for a while. Then work your way to remove it. Let the floor dry completely before letting everyone in.

How Often Does Your Living Room Need an Intense Clean-Up?

The times you need to thoroughly clean your parlor depend on how it is used and the furnishings. It also depends on how tidy you want the room to be. If you bring food in the drawing-room and eat on the sofa, food crumbs are left in tiny spaces between the cushions.

Hence, a deep cleaning session is required every few months to ward off the germs and possible infestations. If you do not have any members and live by yourself, doing a spring clean every year is enough.

Final Thoughts

The living room is generally the first room you enter in a home. It defines the state and aesthetics of the entire house. Like the kitchen, it is also one of the most used rooms with heavy traffic. To keep your home welcoming and look nice, it is vital to keep this room clean.

Besides improving the outlook, cleaning also reduces the likelihood of insect infestations. It also fends off various diseases and allergies. Take your time and thoroughly clean your living room at least once a year.

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