When people consider changing the look of a room, they may pay more attention to furniture and floor items. However, this risks you being left with dull-looking walls. It can be helpful to consider all aspects of the room, from floor to ceiling, so you can really make the most of a space. While some colors may be beneficial for making smaller rooms look bigger, they can also sap the personality out of the space, leaving it feeling somewhat cold and impersonal.

Hang canvases

One of the easiest ways you can change the appearance of the walls in a room can be through artwork. This can be a lot easier than changing the color of the walls. Hanging a canvas is also rather temporary, in that you can quickly fill, sand, and repaint the hole used to attach the piece should you change your mind. When using canvases, you may want to opt for quality canvas prints. These can be created using your own personal images, which can bring even more life to that space. They can also come in a number of sizes and styles, which could help you to match the artwork to the space available, without making the room look cramped.

Feature walls

Having all the walls in a single color can look somewhat bland. Therefore, you might want to think about making one wall really stand out from the others. The use of a feature wall can help to achieve this, while also matching the décor of the room. If you often change the appearance of your rooms, you may want to consider choosing a more neutral tone for this wall, such as black or gray, which might be more likely to match a change in bedding or cushion covers. It can also help to think about the material you use. While many people simply paint one wall a different color, you could also use wallpaper, or even a mural, to really make it stand out.

Use storage

Decorating your walls doesn’t always have to be about color. Sometimes, you may be able to gain a practical use out of the space as well. Installing floating shelves on boring walls can quickly transform them. This way not only does the shelf itself add some depth, but you may then be able to inject more color through the placement of books, ornaments, and even plants. A secondary benefit of this type of storage is that it doesn’t take up precious floor space, which could prove to be invaluable in smaller rooms. Shelves can come in a number of colors and materials, again allowing you to better match them to the styles used throughout the rest of the area.

While some design and color choices can have practical applications, you may want to avoid making your home look too clinical. Adding splashes of color and varying levels on the walls can allow you to showcase your style without making the room feel closed in.

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