The Arabic style has evolved over the centuries and was carefully guarded from the gaze of Christians for many years.
Only a few European travelers had the opportunity to see firsthand the luxury and the interior decoration of the sultans, Arab sheikhs and viziers palaces. Until the beginning of the 18th century, the Arabic style in the interior was widespread only in the Middle East and North Africa countries.

Today, the oriental style occupies a worthy place in people’s lives and one way or another, it is reflected in the culture of the Arab peoples. If your choice fell on villas in UAE, you are interested in the form, but you have not decided on the content, Emirates.Estate will help you understand all the intricacies and elegance of an oriental-style interior.

The main purpose of the room design in the Arabian style is to create the sense of peace for the person’s relaxation and rest. Luxurious interior with colourful, exciting details and unique elements has a number of characteristic features

Color palette

The choice of color palette depends on the direction of the oriental style. The Arabic-style interior resembles a desert with its golden sands and vast blue skies.

The color of the decoration can be virtually any, the main thing is to determine what kind of atmosphere you need to create in the living room. If noisy companies often gather in the living room, you can use beige and orange colors. Lack of traditional European interior doors. Black-out curtains are usually used to drape arched doorways.

It is also necessary to consider which side the room is located on the north or south. When there is sufficient natural light, it is appropriate to use colder shades, they look brighter in good light. If the room is located on the north side and there is insufficient natural light, the room can be decorated in warm colors that will help create an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. White, sand, brown, terracotta backgrounds can be used as the main shades. Red, green, crimson, yellow are suitable for bright accents. It is recommended to choose up to four shades.

Selection of furniture

Oriental-style furniture should be functional; dark-colored shades are suitable for the Arabian style. The shape can be virtually any, the furnishings of the room are filled with low soft sofas, pillows, ottomans and low cabinets, the decoration of which is skillful carving, various inserts, beautiful frames, and gold plating. The abundance of textiles and the use of of bright colors shades makes the interior full, but the choice of furniture must be approached very carefully, one extra chest of drawers or an unsuccessful place for a sofa can break the harmony. An oriental-style interior is associated with luxury and wealth, there should be a little furniture in it, it is unnecessary to place in the interior items in the living room that will compress the space and overload the design.

Characteristics, concepts and aesthetics of an oriental interior:

  • bright color palette and contrasting tones used for walls, ceilings, furniture and decorative ornaments (primary colors are yellow, turquoise, scarlet);
  • lack of straight lines and surfaces;
  • high vaulted ceilings and arches in the walls;
  • in the design there are many decorative products with national wood carvings, ornaments with luxurious ornaments;
  • great attention is paid to textiles in furniture upholstery, draperies, an abundance of carpets, pillows, multilayer curtains;
  • decorative objects made of ceramics, mosaic elements, hand-made chasing are highly valued;
  • play of light and its abundance.

Today, the Arabs, in essence, are open and receptive to everything new, they are curious and spontaneous in everything.

This also applies to the oriental style. If you come to Dubai, you can see an incredible combination of oriental luxury with the modern achievements of mankind, which testifies to the adherence to national traditions, and at the same time to desire to learn the world.

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