We are sure that even if you have never been to Dubai, you definitely know about the Miracle Garden located there. Miracle Garden in Dubai is a work of art of landscape design that every deck wants to achieve. Let’s talk about it! You will definitely want to visit it when you learn more about it!

Dubai Miracle Garden is the most beautiful place in Dubai and also the largest flower garden in the world. Surprisingly, it is located in the desert.

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The area of the Miracle Garden is 72,000 square meters. There are about 40,000,000 flowers of various kinds in the park. In order for such a garden to appear, a huge number of the best designers from all over the world were involved in the work. As a result, the park is unique in its essence. High quality design, unique paintings created from flowers. Flower arrangements here are not just a beautiful combination of flowers in flower beds. These are also flower arrangements on different figures, buildings. It seems like their goal is to color the world around the people in Dubai! Make characters and houses colorful and vibrant!

Some of the garden’s most popular spots are the giant clock and flower wall. The length of the wall is as much as 800 meters! Impressive, isn’t it? Similar places in the park are listed in the Guinness World Records. And this is absolutely logical, such unique designs cannot be found all over the world! The flower arrangements in the park are not only maintained by workers in good conditions, but are updated and supplemented every year.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get into the park at any time of the year. Dubai Miracle Garden is open only in winter and spring. Why exactly these pores? The answer is simple. In summer it is too hot here and all living things are simply burned out. Therefore, since the end of spring, the garden is closed for maintenance not like removing screws but the correction in order to open by the beginning of winter and delight visitors with the beauty and bright colors of a huge number of types of flowers. So, for example, in 2020, the park was opened in November. By the way, the garden is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

If you have a choice of when to visit the garden, travelers often recommend the evening. They say that Dubai Miracle Garden opens up in a new way at sunset. Such views will not leave anyone indifferent.

Be sure to come to Dubai to see this truly wonderful sight. Enjoy the beauty and smell of wonderful flowers. Be amazed by the scale and be inspired by the magic! Take your family and children with you. Nobody will be bored here!

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