The kitchen in modern-day life plays a vital role and in most family homes, it is the place where the whole family hangs out. It did not used to be the case as the trend used to be having the kitchen for only making meals and having a separate dining room. Apartments also greatly benefit from open plan kitchens as it provides more living space, and this is one of the main reasons for this trend starting.

Since we required additional area for living nearly entirely within our own four walls, the kitchen was turned into a family room, workspace, school area and more, making this a great location for investment this year.

While they have nothing wrong, the top cabinet is not a requirement of a kitchen. Designers encourage their customers to go beyond the box, to dress up bulky cabinets and to choose open racks or a mixture – or not even top storage.

When customers say goodbye to the whole white kitchen and get rid of their old cabinets, designers have noticed that the gloomy or dark kitchen is quite severe. The inclusion of a few natural items and the combination of textures keeps the room as warm and welcoming as if the kitchen were luminous.

If you are thinking about redesigning your kitchen, cabinets are an important consideration. In this article, I will talk about the current kitchen cabinet trends for 2021 to help you design the perfect space for your family to enjoy.

#1: Darker Color Kitchen Cabinets

The most predominant kitchen color over the last few decades has been white but the trends show us this is changing. Black is the color of luxury and adds a sense of dramatics to the kitchen space. Darker shades of green and blue are also currently in fashion in 2021. The most popular choices for kitchen cabinets are plum, navy, black, and emerald green.

#2: Streamlined Cabinet Designs

One of the most common design ideas for 2021 for kitchens is to create a stress-free environment. That means keeping the aesthetics simple and streamlined cabinet designs are part of this. It creates a modern feel and helps get rid of all the clutter. There are lots of streamlined ready-to-assemble cabinets entering the marketplace in 2021, so you will not be short of options.

#3: No Upper Wall Cabinets

The trend over the last few years has been to try to make kitchens brighter and larger. To do this no upper wall cabinets help to produce this type of result. It is also great for small or older people as it can be hard reaching into the upper cabinets. The only downside to this design is that you will lose storage space, so you will have to find alternative ways to store things if you have a big family.

#4: Effective Storage Solution Cabinetry

There is a lot of wasted cabinet space in kitchens which is why you need to carefully plan so you can optimize it and then have more space available. Make sure you buy effective storage for your family’s needs so it can be well organized for the functionality that is required from it. Designers have been addressing this option and now you will find amazing cabinets that are multifunctional to maximize storage.

#5: Pop of Color Cabinets

We all need our lives brightened up and many kitchens are dull and boring with plain white cabinets and dark worktops. Adding pop colors is one of the biggest trends of 2021 and by adding bright color cabinet doors you can create this look. It needs to be designed correctly as the aim is not to have the whole kitchen in bright colors but instead to be more balanced. The two hottest pop colors for 2021 are bold greens and nautical blues, but pale pinks are on the rise.

#6:. Mix & Match Metals

Another common theme for 2021 is mix and match metals for kitchens. It used to be the case of sticking with the same metal but things are changing. You will find all kinds used such as gold, nickel, copper, brass, etc. They can make your kitchen stand out as having everything the same is on the way out as a trend.

#7: High Gloss Cabinet Doors

If you want a contemporary, sleek and sharp kitchen, high gloss cabinet doors are the way to go. The shiny finish that gloss provides will reflect lights and works well in most kitchens. It used to be highly popular in the 1970s and is now making a big comeback.

Final Thoughts

Kitchens over the next decade are going to get a lot smarter moving over from fancy countertops or cabinets as the internet of things starts becoming a reality. They will be able to do a whole host of things on voice command making our lives much easier. Who knows, maybe the smart kitchens will be able to do all the cooking and cleaning, which would certainly change our lifestyles.

One of my suggestions for building an intelligent kitchen is to use paneling equipment wherever feasible. I do a lot, and while still attractive, make the kitchen extremely practical. You may still have all the latest devices, but you can combine everything with your current cabinet and decor.

Modern designs make the most of the space to create light, bright with effective storage solutions. If you are on a budget, consider using recycled cabinets, and do not be afraid to mix and match as that is the current trend of 2021. If you are going to be spending a lot of money, make sure to speak with a design consultant or use software that can show you what it would look like before you start to do the work so you do not make any costly mistakes.

As the kitchen becomes a new living and family space, a bit of everything has to be there. Better eating spaces than a basic kitchen table or an open breakfast room can make a major difference to the feel and atmosphere. You’ve got your nicest seats, art, various moods, colors and materials, and then utility. This is a really exciting moment for kitchens.

Levi Huang

Levi Huang, a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Furniture Design, has been a guiding voice in home furnishing and interior solutions for over 16 years. He became part of our editorial team in 2021, focusing on ergonomic furniture design, space planning, and material innovation. Previously, Levi worked in custom furniture creation and as an interior design consultant. He enjoys woodworking and contributing to sustainable living initiatives.

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