Are you thinking of revamping your home or office lighting?

Good thinking!

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge, adopt the latest lighting trends and wow everyone with modern, on-trend lighting.

Here are some lighting trends that you can leverage:

1. Minimalistic designs are here to stay. You can bid farewell to intricate, heavy-duty chandeliers this year. Opt for cleaner designs that are easy on the eye and go for easy-to-maintain furniture.

2. Industrial designs will find a place in modern homes. Black-finish lamps with clean industrial designs can uplift the aura of your space in a big way.

3. Vintage designs will be all the rage. They can give your space a retro, classy vibe that modern designs just can’t match. You can opt for vintage chandeliers in wood finish and fix them with screws with no heads.

4. Wall sconces with metal accents are growing in popularity. They can decorate bare walls and provide layered lighting above bathroom vanity mirrors.

There are many more trends you need to check out if you want on-trend lighting solutions for your home.

Like what?

To find out, go through this infographic designed by Claxy.

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Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year

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