Sport is more than just a game. It is more about the passion and thrills that you get for supporting your favorite team through the season, and NFL enthusiasts can relate to this. It is natural for football lovers to live, breathe and endlessly support their favorite team that brings them joy, especially if they win.

With that said, there are plenty of other things apart from watching the game that can bring out that emotion you feel for the sport. One of the best ways to express that passion is through infusing your home with NFL decorations that will bring happiness to your life.

So, Hut, hut, hike! It is time to brainstorm through some decorating ideas that will bring some NFL magic to your home.

Football Bedding

One of the easiest and most noticeable NFL decorations that can spice up your bedroom is to add some decorations to your own bed. There are plenty of sheets, throws, and pillowcases designed that will not only showcase the support of your favorite team but also make your room more colorful and eye-pleasing.

After finding the perfect design that can be 3D printed on your bedsheets, you should pay more attention to the material. It is best to choose light and soft cotton bedding for the hot summers, and a comforter or quilt for the cold winter days.

Framed Jerseys

There isn’t a better way of showing your support and loyalty for your favorite team than hanging a framed jersey on the wall. Some NFL jerseys used by the players are nowadays very valuable, so if you ever grab one you should frame it and keep it safe. Imagine how much a jersey from Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl is valued now?

Sports decorations, especially elegantly framed jerseys can look great in different types of homes no matter the design of the interior. It brings the perfect blend of color and magnetism, whether you have chic or contemporary decors.

The best thing is that you can do it all at home by buying your favorite player’s jersey and a separate frame. After a while, you’ll be able to look at this décor as memorabilia of a great time when you supported a certain team.

Posters and Memorabilia

Since we touched on the emotional side of football, it is time to find some football décor ideas that will warm up the heart of every NFL enthusiast. If you love collecting football memorabilia, it is time to find a place in your home where you can display the collection.

The best way is to create a fan’s corner with a few shelves where you can display any type of NFL memorabilia, from tickets from matches you attended to sport jerseys, keyrings, and beer openers with your favorite team.

You can also frame up newspaper articles and stories where your team has made history that will be remembered forever.


For the bravest and most passionate NFL supporters, maybe it is time to spice things up and add huge wallpapers that will transform any room into an NFL museum. However, since printed wallpapers from your favorite team can be a bit striking, it is probably best if you choose a room where you hang out with your friends, such as your man cave.

Motivational Quotes

Making it to the NFL is a tough challenge alone, and being the best in the league is even harder. That’s why most NFL fans look up to the athletes and draw inspiration from them. This is why some framed-up motivational quotes from your favorite NFL athletes might be the perfect décor idea for every football enthusiast.

They will not only a simple décor in your house, but also motivate you to chase your dreams every day!

Rugs and Window Treatments

Want something minimalistic, that can be incorporated in a modern home without making it too teen? Well, small rugs and window treatments can perfectly spice up your living space and showcase your support for the sport without being too aggressive.

A football-shaped rug with your team’s logo is the perfect home décor for football fans. Or you can add curtains that are in your team’s color that only football lovers can understand the décor.

Chloe Miller

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