A renovated bathroom updates your home, increases its value, and makes your bathroom more functional and accessible. While most people focus on the cosmetic aspects of a bathroom remodel, there are specific practical aspects of such a project that you should be keen on like removing bathroom lamps. Here are some of the practical improvements you need to consider for a bathroom remodel.

2-inch Drainpipes

Your drainpipes are always out of sight, so it is easy to forget about them. Most homes have drainpipes with a diameter of 1.25-1.5 inches. Drains of this diameter are prone to clogging, which becomes an even bigger problem for those who live in a larger home with more than one shower. A 2-inch drainage pipe can drastically improve your home’s drainage without increasing the cost of the remodel too much.

Adding a Window

The best ventilation is natural ventilation, as it is always working and free. Adding a window to the bathroom can help reduce humidity levels and lead to fresher air in the bathroom. Ensure that you can open the window after a shower or anytime you would like to vent the bathroom out.

For privacy reasons, talk to your contractor and ask them to install frosted glass on your bathroom window. Also, ask them to slope the windowsill downwards, so water drains off and mold does not grow on it.

Textured Tiles on The Shower Floor

A major consideration during a bathroom remodel is whether to change the tiles in the bathroom or not. Most people end up changing the tiles to give their bathroom a new look. However, many people do not think about safety when choosing new tiles for their shower floor.

To improve safety, choose textured tiles. These tiles provide extra grip and help keep your feet from slipping when there is lots of water and soap on the floor. When choosing the textured tiles, you will also need to think about how they will be installed and the color of walls might also be a concern.

Choosing from different styles is expected but it is important to ensure the bathroom remodeling experts you consider use grout that resists mold, stains, and humidity. Skilled bathroom remodeling experts like C.K. Lewis Construction will not only help you choose the right materials, they will also work with you to ensure the new additions and features are actually a good fit, functional, and beneficial. C.K. Lewis Construction provides all the design, repair, and building services homeowners need, ensuring their work is of the highest standard and cost-effective.

Heated Flooring

If the floors of the bathroom are going to be ripped out, consider adding heated flooring. Heated flooring is not too expensive, especially when you consider that it will increase your home’s value substantially. Also, heated flooring has been shown to help homeowners save money, as it is more efficient at heating a space than central heating.

Heated floors will also make a huge difference to your bathroom’s comfort if you live in a colder climate. Installing tiles in these climates means you have to walk on cold tiles every time you wish to use the bathroom, but heated flooring can help eliminate this issue.

Keep Fixtures Natural

When choosing fixtures for the bathroom remodel, you will be met with numerous choices. It is tempting to go with the latest trends and fads. Even though you should select the fixtures you like and that fit your bathroom best, try to go with neutral fixtures. These include the tub, the shower, the toilet, and the sink.

Bathroom style fads disappear as quickly as they come and can be expensive to replace once you no longer like them. Also, neutral fixtures make it easier to sell your home since people will not be turned off by the fixtures.

Low-flow Showerhead

If our showerhead is also being replaced in the remodel, consider going with a low-flow showerhead. A low-flow showerhead pumps out less water and this can end up saving you thousands of dollars in water bills every year. The savings are amplified if you live in a household with a lot of people.

Low-flow showerheads now cost the same as regular showerheads. Also, the issues of low water pressure have largely been fixed and should not show up if you go with a modern model.


Even if your bathroom has a window or if you consider adding on, you should also think about the bathroom’s ventilation. Adding the right ventilation and a small fan should help with moisture and odors in the bathroom. Proper ventilation also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Lastly, your bathroom’s ventilation can keep working during colder months when you might not want to open the window.

While aesthetics are important during a home remodel, it is also important to think about the practical improvements you can make. These improvements improve the functionality of the bathroom and some, such as textured tiles, look beautiful while keeping you safe.

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