No matter how hard we try to avoid it, inevitable things happen. Old window frames lose integrity, the glass gets foggy, and there is no doubt anymore — it’s time to change the windows. But since it’s quite a messy and expensive ordeal, some might argue that it’s better to cure the symptoms and wait it out. To help you make up your mind, here are the pros and cons of replacing the windows.


It’s a long-term solution

Let’s face it: making minor repairs will only postpone the need for capital repairs. Eventually, the situation will get worse and worse until there is no choice but to accept the need to replace the old windows. Doing so early will solve the problem for good and may even save some money on small adjustments.

It helps with the house insulation

The reason behind the fog in double or triple-pane windows is that the seal was broken and the insulating gas escaped. After that, a window becomes a giant hole in the wall, which doesn’t prevent the heat from escaping at all. Replacing foggy windows will make your house cost-effective and insulated again. You may even save enough money on energy to compensate for replacement costs in the long run.

An opportunity for change

If you weren’t happy with your old windows in the first place, you can change them for something more durable and effective. And it’s not just about switching wood coating to fiberglass but picking a better overall construction. If replacing all windows at once is out of your budget, you can start with the rooms where you spend the most time and get to the others later. Here, you can pick the best replacement windows in Lawrence and see all the options you have.


It won’t be cheap

Aiming for cheap replacement windows is a bad idea as they are likely to fall into disrepair before they pay for themselves. So, it’s better to be prepared to pay good money if you want your new windows to provide a good ROI and be visually pleasing and matches your utradeck. Quality fresh windows will also have a good influence on the house price on the market.

There are alternatives

If all you are looking for is increased effectiveness, there are solutions besides changing the whole window. You can apply a special low-E coating window film to decrease the amount of UV light going in and the heat going out. The film does not prevent the light from entering the rooms.

For older houses, you may consider custom-made storm windows. They add another pane of glass increasing insulation qualities while maintaining the style of the house.

Not DIY-friendly

If you consider replacing the windows yourself to cut the costs, there is some bad news. It’s not an easy job, especially if you are going to do the whole house and use the windows frequently. The cost of error is just too great, so it’s better to hire professionals unless you are 100% sure of your capabilities.

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