Should You Rent a Storage Unit When Moving?

People have different reasons for renting a storage unit. For example, they use it to keep belongings safe during major home improvements or to store valuables if their current apartment lacks space. Others even rent storage to safely house inventory items when they don’t have enough room in their workplace.

Apart from providing extra space for items, storage facilities are a practical option when people need to move. For instance, if you’re planning to relocate to Florida, it’s a good idea to check out reliable moving and storage companies Tampa residents trust to keep your valuables before settling in a new home. Moving involves transporting a lot of belongings, such as clothes and books, all the way to furniture and appliances. Storing valuables in a safe facility close to your new location makes it easier to get your possessions once you’re ready to occupy your new residence.

Some people might not think it’s necessary to rent a storage unit when they move. But before you decide against it, consider the following moving situations before relocating to a new address.

Staging Your Current Home for a Sale

Suppose you’re selling your house just before your big move. It’s important to stage your home to make it look more appealing to potential buyers when they come in for a walk-through of the property. To properly stage a home, real estate professionals often suggest renting a storage unit to declutter your residence. This is a crucial step that will make the property more presentable and home-ready for aspiring homeowners.

Good staging makes a house appear immaculately clean, spacious, and inviting. The idea is to make the property look neutral enough so potential homebuyers can envision living in that space. If you have extra bulky furniture in your living room, personalized artwork, and knick-knacks around the house, it’s best to clear them out before inviting interested homebuyers. People who stage their home are also more likely to get their property sold faster on the market.

Moving for Work with No Permanent Residence

Depending on the nature of your job, you might need to work in another state or country from time to time. For instance, a pharmacist may be assigned to work in different states every couple of months as directed by their company. If you’re an active duty military personnel, you might be assigned for months at a time overseas. When this happens, it’s best to rent a storage unit to keep your belongings safe and secure. It would not be practical to bring all your possessions along every time you’re assigned to work in a different location.

The Closing Date on Your New Home Got Pushed Back

Moving from a house or apartment to a new home might require you to wait for a while. For example, you might need to move out of your apartment by June 30. However, your seller calls to inform you that your new house won’t be ready until July 20. In this scenario, it makes sense to store most of your furniture and personal belongings in a storage facility.

In the meantime, you can stay at a good friend’s house or rent a room. There are storage facilities that you can rent on a short-term basis, such as for a couple of days or weeks. However, take note that they charge a higher rate per day. Generally, storage facilities usually rent on a month-to-month basis, which is usually more cost-friendly for people.

Before moving, try to look for a storage company close to your new location ahead of time. Though storage facilities can sometimes be expensive, specifically if it’s close to the city, it’s usually worth it for your convenience. Moreover, if you want easier access to your belongings, it’s ideal to look for a storage facility that has weekend availability or 24-hour access.

Being Evicted from an Apartment on Short Notice

An eviction notice is definitely unnerving. Though it does not happen often, in some cases, your landlord might decide to sell the building and request you to leave your apartment. When this happens, you must be given a reasonable time to vacate the premises, which is usually around 30 days or more. But of course, in reality, you might need more time to find a new place to rent.

While you’re still looking for a new apartment, it would be wise to rent a storage facility to house all your belongings. Some people prefer to stay with a friend or family member while they’re looking for a new place. But for the time being, evicted tenants can take advantage of a storage facility to keep all their valuables safe.

Moving Extra Valuable Objects and Furniture

Besides the stress of packing and moving, the process can also be rough on furniture when you move. You want to make sure things like expensive good quality wooden and leather furniture won’t incur any damage during the process. If you’re more concerned about this, especially if your furniture will be in a storage facility for over a month, consider getting a climate-controlled storage unit.

Climate-controlled storage units are ideal if you must store things like Television, non-he washers, antiques, paintings, musical instruments, and expensive furniture. It helps ensure your valuable possessions won’t tarnish or get damaged because of extreme weather conditions.

Indeed, renting a storage unit has plenty of benefits. It’s usually worth the extra cost. While not everyone may rent storage when they move, you should assess your situation before deciding against it. Certain storage facilities even come with moving services to help people transport their stuff more easily.

Once you move into your house or apartment, you can slowly bring your furniture and other personal items. Putting your valuables in a storage unit affords you more time to decide where to place certain furniture or appliances in your new space. You can relax and not feel pressured to unpack and arrange all your stuff in one go.

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