A TV is great for movie evenings and binge-watching but TV’s aren’t always easy to decorate around.

Whether you want some form of entertainment in your home, the ability to watch live sports on your favorite streaming services like Netflix or Sling TV, or the ability to keep up with the latest news then a television(TV) is usually a fixture that you’re going to need to have. Your TV can be displayed on a wall so that it’s easily seen by everyone in the room, or you can use a few tips to decorate with your TV along with hiding all of the cords that are behind the device.


If you have a fireplace in your home, then hanging your TV above it is a common solution unless you like posters from art com. It will usually be high enough so that children can’t mess with it, and you can use the mantle of the fireplace as a guide for any cords that need to be run to an outlet. The area underneath the TV can be decorated throughout the year so that it accents the device, such as seashells in the summer or Christmas lights in the winter.

Size Matters

If you want a larger TV in your home, then you’re probably going to need to make it the focal point as it will likely take up too much space to be an accent piece. The best option would be to mount the TV on a wall so that everyone can see it when they’re in the room. Cords can be guided across the top of the wall and down to the outlet or right beside the TV to the outlet if it’s nearby. There are covers that you can get to hide the cords so that they aren’t as noticeable.


Create your own media center with shelves around your TV. You can place your cable box on one of the shelves, hiding it with decorations that are on either side. Other shelves can hold DVDs and movies in other formats, games, game systems, and stylish decorations to accent the room. If there are cabinets or drawers underneath the shelves, then you can use those to hide the cables and cords to the TV and other devices that are used. If you don’t have shelves around your TV, you can create a similar system by moving bookcases or other pieces of furniture to each side of a TV that hangs on a focal wall to create the look of shelves that are installed.

A Splash of Color

When you’re not watching TV, it can deliver a boring appearance in the room since it’s pretty much just a black object sitting there. An option is to paint the wall with ralph lauren behind the TV in a bright shade so that it highlights the screen along with a few decorative pictures on the walls on each side of the TV and even above it so that the focus isn’t on a blank screen.


You don’t have to always place your TV in the center of a wall or in the center of the room. A stylish way to use the TV as an accent piece is to position it so that it’s off to the side while still being in view enough so that you can watch it when you want. This is an idea to consider if the room is used more for gathering together with friends or if you don’t sit in the room for long periods of time.

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