A recent survey has found that Kelly Hoppen is the most popular interior designer in the UK. The South-African born designer has been googled an average of 22,200 times each month, according to aesthetic pattern resource provider, Design Bundles.

Hoppen is known for her East-meets-West style and is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Taupe’. She has worked for a range of high-class clients, including Victoria and David Beckham, as well as working with Disney on a collaborative project for Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary in 2018.

The survey conducted an analysis of 100 interior designers around the world to find out which ones were searched for most frequently online in the UK. Each person’s average number of online searches was then used to find the most popular interior designer.

Alongside having the status of the most popular interior designer online, Kelly Hoppen was also found to be the sixth most influential designer on Instagram. Hoppen has around 271,000 followers on the social media platform, which means that she can make an average of £775 per sponsored post.

Hoppen’s large social media following is thanks to her television appearances in addition to her interior design work from countertops to wardrobes, from appearing as a ‘Dragon’ on Dragon’s Den to a judging spot on The Great Interior Design Challenge.

Placing in second place as the UK’s most popular interior designer is Philippe Starck. With an average of 12,100 online searches per month, the Frenchman frequently appears in search engines on a regular basis. Starck is known for his versatility, having designed everything from interiors to watches and boats.

In addition to his regular appearance in online searches, Starck also has a strong following on Instagram, with around 273,000 followers.

Bobby Berk, the third most popular interior designer online, has half the number of online searches than Phillipe Starck. Berk was found to have an average of 6,600 online searches per month, according to the survey.

Many people will know Bobby Berk from his appearances on Netflix’s Queer Eye, where he won three Emmy Awards. Berk is one member of the Fab Five on Queer Eye, on which he is billed as the ‘design extraordinaire’. The show is one of the reasons that Berk has so many followers on his social media channels. Berk has approximately 2.8 million followers on Instagram, which is the highest follower count of any interior designer featured in the survey.

Who are the top ten most popular interior designers?

Rose Uniacke has been called the Queen of Serene by The Sunday Times. It has been revealed that Uniacke is the fourth most popular interior designer in the UK. Internet users Google Uniacke an average of 4,400 times every month, although she only has the seventh-highest follower count on Instagram.

Jeremiah Brent, Kit Kemp, Kelly Wearstler and Nate Berkus are each googled an average of 3,600 every month. All of these popular interior designers, bar Kit Kemp, Ralph Lauren paints are American. Kemp is a London-based interior designer who has worked on both residential and commercial projects.

Kelly Wearstler has worked with celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani, as well as winning awards like Time Magazine the Design 100 and Elle Decor A-List Designers. One of Britain’s leading interior designers, Kit Kemp, has also won several awards, including House & Garden’s Hotel Designer of the Year and Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year.

Nate Berkus is just one of the interior designers that have been able to transfer his talents onto the small screen. He was a regular on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he provided design advice to viewers and helped to organise surprise home make-overs. Berkus also co-stars with his husband, Jeremiah Brent, on the TLC series Nate & Jeremiah by Design.

LaPlace and Nina Campbell rounded up the top ten list, averaging 2,900 online searches per month. Campbell is one of the most successful UK interior designers who has worked for the likes of the Duke and Duchess of York, as well as Ringo Starr and Rod Stewart. She has a successful interior design studio in London.

The Argentinian-born designer, Luis LaPlace has interior design studios in a variety of cities, including New York and Paris. He is one of the most sought-after interior designers thanks to the innovative interior architecture that he produces with his interior design company, LaPlace.

The names that are featured in the survey are some of the best interior designers of their generation. They create spaces and luxurious interiors through their interior design companies, working on both public and residential projects.

Below is a table showing the number of times each interior designer is searched for on average each month.

Interior Designer Average number of searches (per month)
Kelly Hoppen 22,200
Philippe Starck 12,100
Bobby Berk 6,600
Rose Uniacke 4,400
Jeremiah Brent 3,600
Kit Kemp 3,600
Kelly Wearstler 3,600
Nate Berkus 3,600
LaPlace 2,900
Nina Campbell 2,900

A spokesperson for Design Bundles, which commissioned the research, said: “When you look at search data, it’s fascinating to see who comes up as the UK’s most in-demand interior designers. While there are a few iconic British favourites – KellyHoppen and Nina Campbell – the presence of designers such as Starck, LaPlace and Bobby Berk shows that our affinity with the continent, as well as the strength of the American influence”.

Which interior designer has the most Instagram followers?

Bobby Berk and Kelly Wearstler were the only two famous interior designers that reached more than one million followers on Instagram. Berk has the highest number with 2.8 million, which means that he can earn an average of £5,413 per sponsored post. The American designer, Wearstler, has a total of 1.6 million followers on the same platform, which means that she can get an average of £3,175 for each sponsored post that she publishes on Instagram.

Jeremiah Brent is the fourth-highest earner on Instagram, as he can get paid an average of £2,165. However, Brent ranks as the third most popular interior designer on Instagram as he has around 773,000 followers. Nate Berkus has 1.1 million followers, but he earns slightly less than Brent with around £2,165 per sponsored post.

Listed below is the number of followers that each interior designer has on Instagram, as well as how much they can earn per sponsored post.

Interior Designer No. of Instagram followers £ per sponsored post
Bobby Berk 2.8m 5,413
Kelly Wearstler 1.6m 3,175
Jeremiah Brent 773k 2,219
Nate Berkus 1.1m 2,165
Philippe Starck 273k 783
Kelly Hoppen 271k 775
Rose Uniacke 122k 348
Kit Kemp 80.3k 307
Nina Campbell 59.7k 226
Laplace 41.9k 203
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