Restaurant owners need to focus on a wide range of things in order to give their customers a good experience. Many of these factors would be associated with the menu, the ingredients required for the dishes as well as the layout of the establishment. While all of these factors are worth considering well before you start putting money into your new business, you might want to consider a couple of other aspects which might have initially slipped your mind. It’s impossible to cover every single one of your bases when you are starting a restaurant after all.

One factor that you might have missed out on would have to do with restaurant chairs. Other pieces of furniture matter too of course, but you would be hard pressed to sell any meals at all if you don’t provide your customers with chairs that they can relax on. The whole point of going to a restaurant is so that you can get the kind of experience that you might not have been able to obtain at home, and there is a lot that can be gained from providing furniture that can accentuate this experience.

Now, when it comes to chairs, there are a number of options that you are going to be choosing from. The material that the chair is made of tends to be an important factor to consider, and most restaurant owners would go for metal chairs in this regard. Metal chairs can provide a lot more durability for sure, and while there is nothing altogether wrong with using this material we do feel like wooden chairs tend to be a lot better for certain uses. Many newbie restaurateurs are of the opinion that metal chairs are the only option worth considering, but we feel like looking into wooden chairs can do you a world of good as well.

The primary advantage of wooden chairs is that they are a lot more versatile. You see, when you get metal chairs you have a few different aesthetics that you can choose from. A metal chair would pair perfectly with the type of industrial vibe that a lot of new restaurants are going for in order to seem edgy. They can also be great for fast food places, as well as other types of establishments that might be trying to go for aesthetics that are mechanical or machinelike in some way, shape or form.

The great thing about wooden chairs is that they can fit in to all of the aforementioned aesthetics as well as a bunch of others too if ordered from the quality-focused store. You can use wood to soften the look of your restaurant, something that can be exceedingly important in situations where the aesthetic is becoming a little too harsh for comfort. You would ideally want your customers to come to your restaurant and feel like they are going to be welcome, and wooden furniture in general will help you achieve that type of vibe.

That’s not where the advantages of wooden chairs end either. Another advantage is that they can be perfectly durable, almost as much as metal. While you obviously can’t get the almost indestructible nature of metal from wood, you can still get an appreciable level of durability that can give you a lot to work with. Wood conforms to the minimum standards of durability that restaurants require and then kick things up a notch or two in that respect as well.

For the most part, a wooden chair can take a lot of damage before it becomes unusable. It is very difficult to destroy a wooden chair completely short of a fire occurring, and in those circumstances you would be hard pressed to find any type of material that can stand up to extreme levels of heat and the like. The most that you are going to have to deal with would be nicks and scratches here or there. Wood needs to be relatively soft in order to provide a good experience after all, so any wooden chair that you buy would be prone to sustaining small amounts of damage in this way but the important thing is that this is not something to worry about.

The little nicks and dents that your wooden chairs might get will only add to their character. They can serve to give your restaurant a truly homely feel, the likes of which very few restaurant goers get to enjoy these days. Hence, the primary benefit of a wooden chair is that the inevitable wear and tear that would occur when you have dozens of customers coming in and out would not detract from their appearance. Much on the contrary they would elevate the look of the chairs and make it easier for you to give your restaurant some visual appeal.

It is this combination of aesthetic versatility as well as adequate durability that make wooden chairs amazing. It is important to note that this does not mean metal chairs are not worth buying. All we are trying to say is that different materials can be used for different needs. So depending on the nature of your establishment you might want to choose between either wooden chairs or metal chairs, and in the examples we have given above wooden chairs would be the best bet although some would still want to stick with metal chairs because they provide their own unique set of advantages as well.

Wooden chairs have fallen out of favor because a lot of restaurant goers are trying to be more modern in their aesthetics. We feel like it is high time that wooden chairs make a comeback and that they become just as popular as metal chairs are because both materials can offer you something worthwhile and also you can write a blog about it.

Samuel Brown

Samuel Brown is an Auburn University graduate with a Furniture Design degree who has been an authority in furniture craftsmanship and design for 20 years. His prior experience includes working as a furniture designer and a lecturer. His background includes roles in product development for furniture brands and design consulting. In his leisure time, he is an amazing sculptor and a volunteer in community art projects. He enjoys antique restoration and participates in local design exhibitions.

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