One of the most important things in home construction is the deck for outdoor living spaces. In architecture, a deck is an open flat area capable of supporting permanent weight, much like a foundation, but usually built outdoors, usually raised from the ground and normally connected to another building. In Canada it’s usually referred to as a patio or deck.

When planning your deck for home use, you need to determine what kind of features you would like.

  • Do you want a formal patio with a gate?
  • Are you interested in screened porches?

There are many different kinds of decking available for construction and there are several different styles of deck construction, such as a bollard and board decking, gambrel, and sloped decking, box and spade decking and Europeana decking.

Decking for outdoor space can be built to fit your budget, lifestyle, and home design needs.

  • The first thing to decide is if you want to build a freestanding deck, which is most popular, or if you want to incorporate an existing patio into your new deck for added living space. Freestanding decks can be constructed of wood, resin, vinyl or concrete.
  • Resin decking systems are made of recycled products like lumber and come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Wooden decks are beautiful and traditionally made of cedar, but today there are a wide variety of decking systems that are either molded or printed.
  • One of the most durable and stylish decking systems is a composite decking system. These systems are made of recycled materials like steel or aluminum and are finished with attractive materials to make them attractive to the eye and to keep them weather resistant.
  • A composite deck is made by combining the strength of traditional wood planks with the durability of composite boards.
  • A composite deck can withstand all the elements of nature thrown at it including extreme weather, rot, insects and even time exposed to the salt water in the ocean.

In other words, a composite deck holds up to the abuse of your outdoor space. Composite decking systems are available in many different colors and can be custom designed to meet your specifications.

  • Screen Porches. Many homeowners enjoy the breezes and sunshine of the outdoors but don’t have room to open a screened porch. A screened porch makes the perfect deck for entertaining. When incorporated into your new deck construction, it doesn’t have to be a permanent structure. You can take it down and move it later.

Screen Porches offer many unique and rewarding ways to enjoy your new deck. There are custom built screen porch plans for those who want something truly unique. There are also pre-made designs that are offered by most deck contractors.

  • Entertaining. No matter what season it is or what time of day, families love spending time together enjoying the pleasant weather. Entertaining becomes much easier when your deck is equipped with an indoor entertainment center. Most deck builders will provide you with an indoor entertainment system at the most affordable price at GTA Decks in Toronto. Some homeowners typically see a large return on their investment when they make the decision to add an indoor entertainment center to their deck.
  • Relaxation. For most people, relaxing at the end of a long day is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time at home. Whether it’s soaking up the sun on a deck, sipping on coffee in a deck cafe, lying on a plush, comfortable chair inside your deck office or watching the stars at night on a deck lounge, there are many ways to spend quality time with family and friends. When you own a deck, you can bring your family outdoors and spend quality time together.
Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones, a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Landscape Architecture, has been an authority on decking design and materials for over 9 years. He joined our team as a freelancer in 2019, sharing his expertise in sustainable decking solutions, outdoor aesthetics, and functional design. He has provided insights into deck construction, material longevity, and safety standards. Matthew's prior roles include working with architectural firms on residential outdoor projects. He is an avid birdwatcher and enjoys participating in local environmental conservation efforts.

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