Tips on How to Maximise The Space of Your Bathroom

While the bathroom is much used, it doesn’t always get the love and attention it deserves. A well-designed bathroom can be an oasis within your home. A refuge of steam and bubbles after a stressful workday, or a sanctuary of cleanness that prepares you for the day ahead. But while we all aim for these bathroom goals, sometimes the tight floor plan and clutter of everyday life can get in the way. Today we’ll be exploring our top tips for maximising bathroom space, to help you create your own bathroom oasis.

Sneaky storage

Like many rooms in our homes, the bathroom is one area that can never have too much storage. From toiletries to cleaning supplies, and the errant rubber duckie you can never find a place for, all of these things need a place. Clever storage allows you to declutter the mundane items of everyday life. Make use of all available vertical space by adding a shelf (or two) above your toilet. This unused space is perfect for storing extra towels or a basket filled with unruly toiletries. Adding a shelf between your sink and mirror creates extra surface space and is a great place for everyday items you use often. Consider opting for a built-in vanity unity with shelves or freestanding units with integrated storage. By adding storage in otherwise wasted space, you free up valuable floor and counter space and create a larger looking bathroom.

Compact is king

Selecting compact bathroom furniture is one of the best ways to maximise floor space in your bathroom. Manufacturers make bathroom furniture in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to make sure you choose fittings that will work with, not against your space. Make sure to check the measurements of your space and the measurements of any new potential furniture. While it seems mundane, measuring up correctly can save you headaches down the line.

If you have space, consider opting for built-in or wall-mounted units over freestanding alternatives. The space will appear larger by being able to see under the unit.

Mirrors and glazing

Mirrors, reflective surfaces and glazing are all fantastic ways to create the illusion of space in your bathroom. A large mirror positioned above your vanity unit will add an element of depth to the space. When positioning your mirror, be mindful of what it will be reflecting. A mirror across from a window with a view may be more engaging than a mirror that reflects a towel rack.

Clever glazing allows a clear line of sight through the bathroom. Get rid of your old shower curtain in favour of a glazed shower screen. The clear glazing is easy to clean and unobtrusive to the eye, creating an open, larger feeling space.

Speak To An Expert

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