Mastercraft is one of the leading and famous designers, manufacturers, and marketers of speed boats.

They are primarily famous for their surf boats and can manufacture all different kinds of expensive and affordable boats.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the most expensive boats which Mastercraft manufactures.

Top 3 Expensive Mastercraft Boats

1. Mastercraft X35

Mastercraft X35

The Mastercraft X35 is one of the most expensive boats and helps you provide all the speed and comfort at the same time. You can purchase this boat for $98,000.

It is equipped with a 350 HP MXC Engine, which Indmar Marine manufactures. While purchasing this bot, you have the option to choose between 410 HP and 450 HP engines.

This boat also comes in different colors and has a storage space of upto 15 people. It is also equipped with plenty of storage space and a refrigerator along with a sink.

2. Mastercraft X26

Mastercraft X26

The Mastercraft X26 is another most expensive boat, which has a price of MSRP 154,350. It is one of the luxurious boats made by Mastercraft. It has a storage space of a maximum of 18 people.

It also has other unique features such as a wood swim platform, surf graphics, and a mocha interior. Most of the features are pre-bundled in this boat.

The Mastercraft X26 does not have the latest Dockstar feature, but instead, it is equipped with a bow thruster feature that helps make the dock easier.

The Mastercraft X26 is also equipped with board racks, a bimini top with cover, hydraulic seat lifts, etc.

3. Mastercraft NXT22

Mastercraft NXT22

The Mastercraft NXT22 is one of the most popular boats from Mastercraft, which comes in a price range of $69,995, excluding all the freight and prep charges.

It is equipped with a U-shaped Seating that helps people gather around, and its eats are also convertible.

It is also equipped with a massive 50-gallon water tank which is helpful for watersports. The Mastercraft NXT22 is mainly used for day cruising and watersports and is the perfect option for those customers who are willing to buy a boat for all the fun purposes.

Final Words

These are some of the best and most expensive boats which Mastercraft manufactures.

It depends upon your budget and needs which one you chose. Each of them is ideal in its way.

This is all about this guide. We hope that you found this helpful guide. If you have any queries or questions regarding this topic, you can ask us by commenting below. We will be delighted to solve all your queries.

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    I hope that there are no serious wakeboat shoppers relying on any information in this article. The X35 isn’t made anymore, and if you think you’re getting a new X26 for anything less than $200K you are mistaken. The NXT22 with popular options will also be in the $120K range. Sometimes it’s just better to choose to not provide information when you have done no research.

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