When it comes time to move to a new home, there are many chores to handle. Individuals often find some of their belongings are tough to move. Pianos are one of the most difficult items to transfer in a move, more difficult than removing screws or renovating the whole place. Without professional help, owners may find the process difficult or even impossible. With this information, individuals will discover the many ways a professional moving company will help them move their piano to a new location.

Reasons Owners Should Hire a Piano Company to Move Their Piano

If an individual needs to move a piano, they quickly learn doing so is not for the faint of heart. Moving a piano takes extensive knowledge and plenty of help. Those who need professional piano moving services should visit pianomoversoftexas.com. The following are some reasons owners should always use a piano moving company.

  • Pianos can weigh 1,000 pounds or more. Even average-sized pianos weigh over 300 pounds. To move a piano would take six or more people. Even if a person has enough people, the risks are just too great for someone to move a piano without professional help.
  • Another reason owners need to rely on professional piano movers is the risk of damage to the piano. If people do not know what they are doing, they can end up causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage during the move.
  • Injuries are common when a person attempts to move a piano without professional intervention. Serious injuries may result from novices attempting to move such a large piece. Professionals are highly trained and have the right equipment, so they can move pianos without risking injuries.
  • Moving is stressful enough. When a person has a piano, the stress levels increase. Many people do not realize the sheer weight of a piano until they try to move one. Unfortunately, the rollers on the legs are not meant to move the piano long distances. Individuals must pick up the piano to move it effectively. To reduce stress, rely on professional movers during moves.
  • Another reason a person should rely on professionals instead of friends and family is the potential damage to their new home. DIY movers can cause all types of damage to a home when moving a piano, including dents and dings on walls, furniture, and flooring. Professional movers take precise care to ensure no damage occurs during the moving process.

Owners Must Protect Their Pianos

Pianos are expensive instruments, and most owners do everything possible to protect them. Catastrophic damages often result when owners take a DIY approach to moving a piano. Even moving a piano from one room to another can lead to major damages that require expensive repairs.

Hire Professional Piano Movers

When relocating, one of the biggest mistakes piano owners make is attempting to move the instruments without professional help. Trying to save money by taking a DIY approach often leads to greater expense in the form of injuries or damages to your cambria countertop.

Moving a piano is never an easy feat, even if the piano is a smaller upright. Grand pianos weigh 1,000 pounds or more. Moving such a heavy and awkward instrument involves having the right training, equipment, and manpower.

If you need to move a piano to a new location, it is not the time to go it alone. Getting professional help ensures a safe and effective piano move.

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