Renovating or remodeling may come up whenever you want to make some changes to your home, but there are some key differences between these two acts, and you should learn more about them.

So what’s the difference between renovating and remodeling a house? The key difference between remodeling and renovating is how extensive the changes are.

What Does Renovating Mean?

A renovation means that you are only updating or repairing an existing structure. Whenever you say you’re renovating a room, it could mean that you’re repainting it, replacing cabinets, counters, or fixtures.

Here are some key facts about renovating:

  • Renovating take less time than remodeling
  • It may or may not require a permit
  • Renovating is usually cheaper because you’re not making major structural changes
  • Renovating is commonly considered a DIY project
  • Renovating will not change the function or overall design of a room just the color of walls and a few pieces of furniture.

What Does Remodelling Mean?

When it comes to remodeling, you will make more changes to your house by changing its structure through construction or demolition. You can extend a small bathroom into one with a bidet and extra storage space. This will include moving and adding plumbing, tearing down walls and adding new ones, and various finishing touches. A successful demolition pittsburgh requires the use of specialized equipment and trained professionals, and Bella Contracting Services has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results on time and within budget.

You will be doing more than just some surface changes in a remodeling situation by substantially changing your home’s layout. It is likely you will need to hire a general contractor and a team of workers to ensure that these changes are made properly.

Things you should know about remodeling:

  • It is more expensive than renovating but usually cheaper than buying a new house
  • Generally, remodeling requires permits that can cost between $500 to $1,000 or much more, depending on the extent of the project
  • Remodeling should always be done by an expert contractor
  • Remodeling can add new rooms to the house or change the function of an existing room

Return on Investment: Renovating vs. Remodeling

A return on investment compares how much you initially paid for an investment to how much you earned from that investment. To put it simply, ROI will help you understand how much loss or profit your investment has earned.

Homeowners will see a better return on investment on renovation projects because they usually cost less and involve repairing and updating their home’s basic features. You can spend a lot on remodeling your house, but if buyers don’t like the changes, they will go elsewhere.

No matter how large your budget is or whether or not you plan to sell your house in the future, you will want to make good investment choices that will pay off down the road.

What Is The Right Choice For You?

To summarize, remodeling will improve your home’s layout and design, while renovation helps you fix, repair, or update an existing structure. No matter what option you think best suits your needs, you should consider talking with an experienced contractor to get an idea of what exactly you should expect.

Websites such as recommend that you hire experts to perform remodeling or renovation tasks. After all, whichever project you may consider, you can turn your home into the house of your dreams.

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