The Toto s550e is the most luxurious and top-of-the-line toilet seat bidet on the market. It is from the global leaders in the manufacturing of toilet and bathroom accessories, the Toto brand name is synonymous with quality, style, and workmanship. It is also the first to launch a fully automated and feature-rich toilet seat bidet that can be used as an attachment to an existing toilet seat. However, before you buy or order a unit, you need to know first which toilet goes best with Toto s550e since that would determine whether you can use the toilet seat bidet at all or not. The Toto s550e is a toilet seat bidet model that is specially designed to be placed over an existing toilet seat for those who would not want to renovate the entire bathroom just to put in the Toto toilet bidet which is a toilet seat with a built-in bidet. The new model is a stand-alone that can give you the same features like the toilet seat with built-in bidets. Before you invest to get yourself the Toto s550e which is the most expensive toilet seat bidet to date, you need to make sure that it will fit in your existing toilet seat, or you might just have to replace your toilet seat for the toilet seat bidet.

The luxury toilet seat bidet Toto s550e is designed to be used with the elongated toilet, if you have a round toilet bowl, then this model is not for you. If you have a round toilet then just stay away from any toilet seat bidet, because there is no possible way that the current design can fit into your existing toilet. If you force the issue, you can still use it in your round bowl but it will be too small that you will not probably get the enjoyment that it should bring. The most suitable kind of bidets for round bowls are the handheld or attached models.

But if you want the Toto s550e because you just adore the high-tech features of the toilet seat bidet such as remote-controlled seat, LED night light, and automatic opening and closing of the lid. These exclusive features are what make the Toto s550e the best in its class and no other model comes close to the same features. Among these features, the best one there is the automatic opening and closing of the lid as it offers a hands-free way to use the bathroom. Especially in this pandemic, sharing a bathroom with someone will put you at risk of the transmission of the virus or any other infectious disease. Surely, other Toto bidets have key features and even cost less, but the automatic open-close lid is already a winner. The lid is operated on by a motion sensor attached to the toilet seat, and there is not even any reason to touch the remote since it is controlled by the sensors. You get to use the remote only to adjust your settings. For now, this is the only Toto toilet seat bidet unit to have these options.

Also, the Toto s550e uses the eWater+, electrolyzed water system that can only be found among the most expensive, exclusive, and premium bidets. It is a chemical-free disinfectant that can clean the bowl when the bowl is not in use or being idle, and if not every 8 hours it cleans itself making sure that the unit is totally clean before the next user. The Toto s550e is also equipped with a bide sprayer that uses the same eWater+ for a more sanitary and hygienic experience. Lastly, the best feature of this unit is the built-in water heater that instantly warms the water from the hose and comes up as heated water. There will be no cold shock or discomfort when you use the bidet at any time of the day because warm water is guaranteed.

You might have encountered a Toto toilet seat bidet in your travels in Japan or South Korea, where every establishment and home has this kind of toilet seat bidet. But unless you have the elongated toilet seat bowl in your bathroom, then you might as well get the handheld and detachable bidets. But if you want to enjoy the best toilet seat bidets then either get a new elongated toilet bowl or just buy the Toto toilet with built-in bidets. However, the model with the bidets does not have the exclusive features of the Toto s550e. If you want to strategize, you can buy a regular elongated toilet bowl from the mid-range to budget lines and then get the Toto s550e as your premium toilet seat bowl. Since it is the only top toilet seat bidet available in the market, the price range will also be higher and will certainly not be affordable for everyone.

If you do have an elongated toilet bowl in your home, then there are no installation and compatibility problems with the Toto s550e, you can check to see if the unique features are needed for you to enjoy the experience. Some people would prefer the basic features like heated seats, warm water, and air dryer and will probably get the basic or regular models. Some people tried to cut back and realize savings by getting the cheaper model, but ended up getting dissatisfied and realized that they wanted the Toto s550e after all. So before you think about the savings you could make by getting the cheaper model, make sure that that is what you want in terms of features and services.

The best toilet bowl for Toto s550e is the elongated bowl as it can fit perfectly with the toilet seat bidet that exactly matches your cabinet. It does not require many adjustments and it will also mean that you can use the toilet seat bidet as soon as possible when it gets delivered to your home. Installing the unit will need the help of a professional plumber as the attachments and screws will be difficult to install on your own especially if you do not have any prior experience in this.

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