Mould can trigger asthma symptoms and worsen existing medical conditions. These problems are further worsened by the fact that mould spores sometimes hide in tough-to-find places like behind your cooling system. This article points out four important reasons you should get mould out immediately.

Mold’s persistent impact on health

For people who suffer from mould allergies, the postnasal drip and sore throat can be overpowering, especially when the mould is located someplace obscure. Difficult to reach places, poor resident or employee awareness, and total indifference can make mould removal services even more important, as the symptoms can worsen before the mould is identified.

Like with a cold, mould allergies aren’t enough to send a worker home. Even attorneys at a law office could continue working, unaware that mould is hidden around the baseboards and concealed by pricey furniture. But according to Healthline, increased exposure to mould makes mould allergy symptoms worse. What started as some sneezing can quickly turn into real difficulty breathing.

The environment can make mould worse

Where you are in the world has a lot to do with the prevalence of mould around you. The fungus thrives in warm, moist environments. Yet people living in dilapidated, neglected homes have just as much difficulty living as employees working in overheated business without much ventilation. Simply put, these environments provide an area for black mould to get worse.

The legal twists surrounding mould

Imagine that a tenant moves into a home, unaware that portions of the unit contain mould he didn’t notice. These splotches of black spots can be tiny, but can still grow into a serious health problem if ignored. But for a tenant who realizes he’s gotten sick and that the landlord might have known? All of a sudden, there are liability issues and a world of trouble.

This is what happened in California. A couple was awarded $2.7 million in a toxic mould fiasco resulting from water damage. If you’re in that situation, know that because the potential award amount is limited, you may have to pursue a case in a small claims court. Either way, the tangled web of a legal system reinforces the need to be proactive.

Financial costs add up

Mould remover failed? Asbestos abatement not done right the first time? According to Thumbtack, mold remediation services range from $1,006 to $1,335, or $30 to $60 for smaller jobs, and upwards of $4,000 to $15,000 for larger jobs. Choosing the right mould removal company can make the difference between having to pay extra fees and saving a few dollars. Either way, mould is a problem that warrants professional service. It is not as easy removing broken screws.

Mould concealed from residents or business inhabitants can turn into a dangerous problem. After all, lungs aren’t meant for breathing in toxic substances. When the symptoms get worse, ask around and see if anyone knows a mold remediation specialist. Your life and livelihood are what matters most.

Emma Chen

Emma Chen holds a degree in Public Health from the University of Washington and has dedicated 13 years to promoting healthy and sustainable cleaning practices. Since joining us as a freelancer in 2020, Emma has shared her expertise in non-toxic cleaning solutions, indoor air quality, and allergen reduction. Her experience includes working in community health programs and as a health educator, which shows in her writing. Emma is a yoga instructor in her free time and participates in community clean-up drives.

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