Alzheimer’s and dementia are life-threatening diseases commonly associated with old age. These debilitating diseases cause delirium, anxiety, agitation, and subsequent death.

Health professionals constantly advise the elderly to engage in as many activities as possible to avoid getting caught up in the web of eternal mental confusion.

The elderly who are solitary are especially susceptible to suffer from memory problems.

How can they mitigate this issue?

Why by immersing themselves in a retirement community, of course!

Here are three ways retirement homes can help prolong the incidence of brain diseases


Some care homes have the luxury of providing their residents with gardens.

There’s no better way to bond with other folks than planting seeds and harvesting your own produce. Watching those plump tomatoes grow and then consuming them will definitely induce a pleasurable feeling.

You’re reaping what you’re sowing. And the results are nutritious and delicious at the same time!

The repetitive action of planting, watering, enriching with fertilizers, and then harvesting the crops contributes to strengthening the brain’s neural networks.

Eventually, there will be no need to write down the steps on your notepad constantly!


The smell of freshly brewed coffee on a table and surrounded by your best friends is all you need sometimes.

Care homes can become the next place to find your soul friends and even your soul mate! After all, who said it’s too late to let go and enjoy your life? You’re never too old to start new relationships!

As the famous Betty White said, “I may be a senior, but so what? I’m still hot!”

Taking Betty’s advice and sharp wit, don’t underestimate the crucial role talking and laughing with people plays in delaying memory disorders.


Just a bit of light exercise is all you need to get those endorphins rushing and elevating your mood.

The elderly should not be afraid to move their bodies. Granted, staff at retirement homes should use discretion when dealing with some elderly with fractures or osteoporosis.

Dancing particularly has been shown to create new neural pathways in the brain. It helps your brain to access information from its storage place at a much faster rate. While exercising helps your body a good adjustable bed is also important to get a sound sleep after that.

Who knew busting a move and shaking your buttocks can postpone age-related diseases?

Final Advice

If you want to continue feeling young, there’s no other way to limber up your lobes than being a part of a loving community and you can even consider writing blogs as an alternative. Whether you like to care for plants, engage in deep and genuine conversations with others, or move your body to the rhythm, there are retirement homes in Washington state that will satisfy and cater to your needs!

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