7 Winter Home Upgrades You All Need to Try

As the winter season approaches, it’s time to revamp and redecorate your house accordingly. With rich fabrics, soft colours, cosy furnishings, – we are featuring a list of winter home decor tips that will instantly refresh your home and set the mood right for the chilly season.

So, grab yourself a hot cup of coffee as we get started.

Tip 1 – Add Colour to Your Space

If you wish to revamp your home this winter, consider changing the colour theme of your interiors. Winter home aesthetic is all about solid rich colours like emerald green, midnight blue, deep reds, jewel tones, etc.

You can refresh an accent wall by painting one of these colours or just add life-size artwork to make things pop out.

Tip 2 – Go Green or Go Home

Winters in Australia can be tough for people who love staying outdoors. But are you willing to put yourself at risk of catching a cold just to feast your eyes on some greenery?

There’s a better way to curb your yearning. Bring the outside inside by filling up your space with some lush, green indoor plants and custom framing options for the same.

You can also add some fresh flowers to a glass vase now and then. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it also adds some colour and fragrance to the place.

Tip 3 – Winter Seating Arrangement

Winter seating arrangement is all about creating a warm and cosy space where you can unwind after a long tiring day.

You can revamp the look and feel of your living room by replacing your old sofa set with a new one. Think of warm textures and soft fabrics like velvet or suede when choosing a new sofa for your home.

You can check out the furniture collection at gimmie.com to find the right sofas that perfectly complement your home’s interior.

Tip 4 – Layer it Up

One of the easiest ways to warm up your home in winter is by adding up layers. Adding different textures can enhance the vibe of a room and make it appear cosier.

Layer up your living space by adding soft rugs, throw pillows, cushions, woollen blankets, velvet curtains, etc.

Tip 5 – Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of interior design. The right lighting is all you need to set up the ambience of a place.

To keep things warm and cosy for winter, use soft lighting like yellow, warm white etc., around your house. Nordic hanging lamps and light fixtures look great and go with all home decor styles.

If you want to try something unique, you can also get tassel hanging lamps or hanging basket lamps to add a chic and rustic touch to your place.

Tip 6 – Wall Art

Another great way to jazz up your homes in winter is by refreshing the wall art around the house. Go for a minimal look to keep things simple and subtle.

You can create your own DIY gallery wall by painting small white canvases using watercolours. Head on to Pinterest for some inspiration and tutorials, and you can create an aesthetically pleasing gallery wall.

Apart from this, you can also download free printables in minimal patterns and put them up in plain black frames to create a basic gallery wall.

Just make sure that you go with soft colour tones, line drawing, blotches, splashes, and other minimal design patterns perfect for this weather.

You can also head to your local thrift store and buy affordable wall decor items like macramé, paintings, wooden frames, etc.

Tip 7 – Don’t forget the fireplace

The fireplace is the focal point of your living room, especially in the colder months. Therefore, you need to ensure that the fireplace is cleaned and ready for the winter season.

You can decorate your fireplace by placing winter ornaments like dried pine cones, dried leaves/flower arrangements, or just small decor frames.

You can also experiment with different textures and mix up metal, marble, and glass elements to add a modern farmhouse touch to your place.

If you do not have a fireplace, do not worry. You can always recreate a makeshift fireplace using candles. While rustic candle stands with long wax candles are always a classic, you can also use scented candles to add spice and fragrance to the place.

If you have kids around the house, please switch to LED candles for safety. You can also buy real-looking LED candles with flickering lights for a more realistic and vintage look.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you found these home upgrade tips for the winter helpful and are intrigued to try out some or all of them. What is your favourite winter decor idea? Please share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below.

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