How to Choose Between Video Poker and Slots – The Main Differences

Recently, the world of gambling has been developing quite rapidly and striking in its diversity. Users can choose from a wide range of virtual games – from slot machines to card games. Each game has its characteristics and differences, which distinguish it from several other gambling entertainments, and the choice depends entirely on the preferences or mood of the player. Following that, slot machines are especially popular, and this type attracts users the most. However, it is also worth highlighting video poker among other gambling games, which is in high demand among players.

Slot Machines Present the Main Game

A modern slot machine usually has five reels, but sometimes there are slots with three reels. For example, the online slot machine Disco Spins has five reels and twenty pay lines, the main game of the Hot Chance online slot machine takes place on three reels and five pay lines. After you click “Start,” the reels of the slot will start spinning, and after a short period, they will stop in random order. To win at the slot machine, you need to collect at least a three-digit combination of the same symbols on one of the active pay lines; special bonus symbols can also participate in combinations. The amount of the winnings will depend on the spin bet and the payout ratio of the combination that has landed. All in all, the slots have the diversity that ranges from high limit wagers to the free online penny slots; and the latter ones are highly suitable for the players with tight budgets.

Video Poker Games Basics

A striking representative of video poker is the online machine Marilyn’s Poker II, in which Marilyn Monroe herself will help you win the hands. When video poker starts:

  1. Five cards appear on the screen.
  2. The player must assess his position and decide whether to leave all the cards in their places or make an exchange with a virtual dealer.
  3. To leave cards that, in your opinion, can fold a winning combination, you must select them with the “Hold” button.
  4. When you restart the screen, the selected cards will remain on the screen, and not the selected ones will be replaced.

If you manage to get one of the winning combinations after the second hand, the list of which is presented in the table above, you will receive a corresponding reward.

Basically, the winning combinations are the same as in Texas Hold ’em: two pairs, set, straight, full house, and so on, but in video poker, a few more winning combinations are added. Thus, the maximum winning in video poker can be brought by combinations of five identical cards.

The following table shows the payouts at different video poker variations, and you can try any to hunt for some good payouts:

Poker Game Variation Full House Coins Payback Coins for Flush
9/6 Jacks or Better 9 99.54% 6
9/5 Jacks or Better 9 98.44% 5
8/6 Jacks or Better 8 98.39% 6
8/5 Jacks or Better 8 97.30% 5
7/5 Jacks or Better 7 96.15% 5

Video Poker and Slot Machine – What Is the Main Difference?

In video poker, the player has the ability to replace an unnecessary card, and the winning combination is counted after the second hand, as in poker with one exchange. In a slot machine, you can activate one, two, three, or more pay lines. In video poker, there is only one pay line. In a slot machine, winning combinations are combinations of the same symbols; these are mainly poker combinations in video poker. Regular slot machine spins the reels once and determines the winnings by paylines, while video poker allows you to change unnecessary cards and determines the winnings by the poker table. But the rate is the same.

Despite all the differences between a slot machine and video poker, as a rule, each of them has a game of risk. In video poker, you need to choose one of four cards (just like you make a choice between the home depot and benjamin moore paint), which will be higher than the dealer’s card. The slot machine sometimes includes card games and sometimes themed risk games; basically, you need to guess the colour of a hidden card or choose a large card at face value. So, even in poker slots, there is the same multiplication game as in reel machines. It is necessary to guess 1 out of 4 cards to be higher than the 5th one shown by the computer.

Biggest Slot Machine or Video Poker Wins?

Video poker depends more on the player himself; you can calculate the probability of getting a winning combination and estimate your chances based on the original hand. In slot machines, winning depends more on luck since the symbols on the playing field appear randomly, and it is not easy to justify the chance of winning mathematically.

It is impossible to say unequivocally where you can get a more significant win in a slot machine or video poker. Just choose what you like best and enjoy the game, and there will be winnings if you are lucky.

How to Make the Best Choice

Sometimes, users ask themselves a question – which game is better? What choice should you make? The answer to this question is pretty simple. First of all, you should evaluate your capabilities. If you are an experienced poker player, then you can safely launch this game and enjoy the inevitable victory. However, if you are a little hesitant, then you shouldn’t risk wasted. In this case, you can choose slot machines, which is also a great leisure time.

The main difference between these two entertainments is the complexity of the gameplay. In video poker, you are required to make competent and well-balanced decisions, and slot machines do not imply any strategies. The main thing is faith in victory and a good mood.

Believe in Your Success

Remember, the choice is primarily up to you. You can study the recommendations given to you and, in the end, decide on the game. The most important rule is to set yourself up for success. By ceasing to doubt, you will thereby attract fortune to yourself. Set yourself up for success just like you did when you started earning or when you picked up quality furniture from Ashley.

Ending Lines

Slot machines are more focused on fast and repetitive play. Just define your bet and hit the “Start” button. But in video poker, you often have to think about, weigh the probability of getting this or that combination. Fans of mathematical approaches will appreciate poker more because here, the chances of predicting something are much higher.

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