Real Estate Tips For A First-Time Home Seller

Selling a house can be a lot more complicated than it looks as there is always the danger of under or overestimating the market value and dominant trends. If you are a first-time home seller, you may make a few mistakes that could prevent you from getting the best price you can. When selling your home you need to think like a real estate agent, motivated in terms of profit and separated from sentimentality. Here are a few tips to get you started on the process of selling your home.

Fixer-Uppers Make All The Difference

You may have considered just putting your home on the market just the way it is. While many factors affect the market price, it is vital to put your best foot forward and do basic repairs like removing broken screws around the house so you are showing it in the best light. A fresh coat of paint is the minimum you should do before considering selling your house.

You should also have a professional survey the property to check all areas for structural integrity, plumbing malfunction, or even things like loose roof tiles. You don’t need to spend a fortune but the appearance and functioning of your home should be satisfactory. If you have whole-house carpeting consider hiring a professional cleaner to give the place a thorough cleaning after you’ve moved your belongings out. Many items around the home can be fixed with deep pour epoxy so DIY repairs are also a great way to save money and increase the value of your home.

Decide On An Adequate Price

Engage a listing agent with a stellar reputation to help you place the right price on your home. Several carefully analyzed factors play a part in pricing so let a professional tell you the price to set. A common mistake by homeowners is to place the price very high initially and then drastically lower it when enough offers do not come. While you are deciding on the price, ask your realtor for advice on a home staging (companies are sometimes hired to stage certain rooms if needed) as that can also raise the price. Repainting your walls is also a good way to upsell your property.

Home Showings

The first day of a home showing should be decided according to the time of year, weather, and even other concerns such as public holidays. Allow for the fact that you may need to spend weekends away from home to accommodate multiple showings in order to get the best buyer you possibly can. You can also decide to host an open house to attract the most people and get a great offer. Small touches like a tour person can really help highlight the prime features of the property to potential buyers like a toilet that swirls but doesn’t flush can create a bad impression.

Online Listings Are An Asset

Place online listings and advertisements for your home as well so that people that do not live in the vicinity can also join the bidding as well as take virtual tours. Hire a professional photographer to take great resolution photos of your home and put them online. You need a curated touch to your home photos such as the photos you sometimes find on plumbing Christmas cards that are professionally taken. Having a short well-edited video is also invaluable for this purpose.

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