Your #1 Guide to Prevent Pest Problems in Your Melbourne Home

Of course, you’re a responsible homeowner! You do maintenance, you keep the building neat with repairs and layers of paint and you even have your wiring checked to play it safe. Unfortunately, some tasks deal with less obvious problems, leading to many homeowners forgetting about them.

At the top of this list of ‘hidden issues’ is pest control Melbourne homeowners often struggle with. And usually, you only realise the necessity when it’s too late. Want to avoid preventable expenses and problems? Here’s how you do it.

Don’t Give Pests What They Want

You can’t predict exactly what pests like rats or cockroaches will do but certain factors definitely increase the chance of them arriving on your doorstep or inside your roof. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re living unhygienic just because you see a cockroach in your kitchen. They actually like clean environments too. However, leave the following untended and the pests will come:

  • A wood pile is a welcoming home for termites and even rats. If the pile is too close to your house, they’ll quickly migrate inside. So, remove or move it and your property will seem less alluring.
  • Do you have a dustbin outside? Rather clean it out regularly or mice will use it as a place to feast and soon they’ll be regulars.
  • Many pests are after hot, humid spaces. Keep your home less pleasant for them by ensuring there’s good ventilation and they’ll rather visit your neighbours’ homes.

Limit Their Movements

We’ve mentioned how they like transitioning from wood outside to the welcome space inside. This can also happen if they’re making a home in one of your trees. Is there a branch that touches the roof or scrapes against a window? Rather cut it shorter so there’s no greenery near the building. The same principle goes for trimming shrubs and other foliage.

Create a More Hostile Environment

Some scenarios require you to be on the offensive, rather than just defending your position. Talk to pest control experts and learn about innovative methods such as traps, so an infestation is dealt with and prevented for future.

Don’t worry, even with products being toxic for pests like termites, pest control experts know how to keep you, your family and pets safe.

Be Alert—Notice the Tiniest Trace of Them

Still on the topic of being on the offensive, staying vigilant is vital in pest control maintenance. At the first sign of pests, you need to take action so a few critters don’t turn into a large infestation. For this, you’ll use your senses:

  • Listen for their movements at night when they come out thinking there’s less danger when people are in bed.
  • Look for traces of their waste on surfaces or in your food cupboard. Also, are some food packs chewed open?
  • Knock on wood components like windows or doors from time to time. Anything that starts sounding hollow is a sign of termites already causing damage. Then you need to act fast.

Take Action—Even if You’re Not Sure

You do some investigating but you’re not sure if there’s really a rat running about or bugs in your roof. Some homeowners may even live in denial or avoid calling pest control experts because they want to avoid the expense. Take heed: ignoring the problem too long may see you end up with a long list of repairs, all because of pests damaging your property or you needing more drastic measures to remove them.

The wiser approach is to get help or order a property audit before there’s a crisis. Don’t regret not being proactive when it comes to pests. They are cunning and may already be causing havoc somewhere.

Regular Maintenance Does Help

Let’s be clear. You’re not powerless against these creatures. Even your regular maintenance duties can help you keep them at bay. But you do need the right to do list for your property maintenance to impact pest colonies:

  • While tidying up the garden, look for signs of termites, ant colonies or even spiders.
  • Yearly repairs should include upgrading the insulation of your home. For example, fix tiny holes in windows and repair roof tiles. This keeps the physical barrier intact and helps keep moisture outside during the rainy season. As stated, you don’t want a humid zone where bugs love to breed.
  • When your HVAC unit gets serviced, make sure to check for traces of animals in ducts and around other components.
  • Keep your plumbing system clean so oily residues don’t attract some of these critters.

Final Thoughts

Want peace of mind at night when you lay your head down? Avoid nightmares of bed bugs, termites and cockroaches attacking you or your loved ones by simply being proactive.

Homeowners CAN stay in control of pest conditions. And now you know how to. If you have more home maintenance tips, please share below.

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